What Inspires You Wednesday: Hope

A fellow blogger and one of my best childhood friends is an amazing woman. Over the last few years she has completely transformed her health,  her life goals and even her community. You can follow her on twitter @justamomgivingitatri or track her journey on her website. Her company, Schmitt Fitness is on Facebook if you are interested in following her page.

She has been a support and inspiration for me over the last few years as I began living a healthier life, and when I decided to start writing MamaGottaRun she did not disappointed. She recently asked me to guest write a post for her What Inspires You Wednesday blog series, which I graciously agreed to do.

I was nervous at first. I mean, if you are going to submit Jennifer Schmitt a blog post about inspiration, you better be serious. This chick is kind of a master at inspiring others so the heat was on.

Check out my post by clicking here; It went live today and I hope you enjoy it.

This was a picture I snapped last night while running.  I found this moment so powerful last night that I had to take a picture of it. I shared it with Jen and she used it in my guest blog.

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