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Friday, July 29, 2016

What I Am Going To Miss Most About This Summer

10. Make-up-free-wear-my-comfy-clothes-all-day-shower-in-the-afternoon-kind-of-days. Need I say more?
9. The funny things my kids say on the daily, like, "Do bugs poop?" or "Why do moms have boobs?" or "If I drink all the water in this hose will I explode?" It is really very comical and I will completely miss answering every one of their adorable, and sometimes pretty legit, questions.
8. My gorgeous summer tan FOR FREE.
7. Waking up to my 4-year-old having wet the bed since he sleeps in until 9 AM (okay I won't miss this one). The kids needs to get up at a normal time- his bladder just can't hold it in for 13 hours! But I will miss that he gets to sleep in.
6. Speaking of sleeping in, I will miss that too. Getting up at 6 AM to teach 8 AM classes is not something I am looking forward to when classes start up again this fall.
5. Morning snuggles. Actually snuggles in general. Getting snuggles all day long, whenever I want them. I can just sit by one of kids on the couch, hug them and we are immediately available to each other. When school starts, that won't happen anymore.
4. Running at 8 AM instead of 4:45 AM. Ya, that one is going to be rough.
3. Having time to plan meals, go grocery shopping, and run errands during the day, during the week. I despise doing these things on the weekends.
2. The pool. Such a nice way to spend time with the kids. Sometimes it is stressful when they fight and argue with me and each other, but in general, isn't it great to go the pool in the summer?
1. My kids. They are getting too old. Too fast. Too big. Too smart. Too independent. Too strong. Too bold. Too brave. Too funny. Too witty. Too silly. Too wonderful and I am going to miss not seeing each and every one of these things, and others, every single day. I get so envious that their teachers get to see these moments when school starts back up and we go our separate ways for another 9 months. Next summer they will all be a whole year older. Sigh. I will definitely miss my kids the most.

My three crazy kiddos this summer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What I Am Not Going to Miss About This Summer

10. Bee stings, ants, spiders and bug bites. A humid, rainy start to summer has definitely helped encourage the insect population of Kansas. Unfortunately my 4-year-old has had the brunt of the stings and bites in our family, poor little fella.
9. Arguing with my kids about getting off their iPads, iPhones and iPods. Seriously. Clash Royale, PokemonGO, Minecraft, various YouTube channels... My kids need some serious changes for the fall when it comes to the use of their tablets and technology. Especially my 8-year-old son. I don't know how I am going to handle him getting older and wanting to use these devices even more.
8. Planning so many meals and buying so many groceries! Holy moly my kids can eat BUT they are somehow so picky too! I am ready for those daily arguments to be over.
7. Watering the lawn and garden, and cooling the house. I cringe when I open up our utilities bills.
6. Running in excessive heat and humidity. It just sucks. And is not easy to do.
5. "I don't know who did it." "I don't like you." "You are the worst mommy in the world." "I'm telling grandma Sue on you!" "You don't love me." Come on guys, change it up a little. I realize you have a limited vocabulary but your go-to lines barely impact me anymore. Spice up the arguments and you might actually get that reaction from me that you so yearn for.
4. "I'm bored." My 6-year-old is the worst. Although they all three say it every day, she says it, hmmm... maybe 20 times a day? Very little exaggeration here. She could have just finished up an assembly line of snacks, movies, crafts, homework, outdoor activities and then the very second she realizes that her body or mind isn't doing soemthing, she whines... "I'm bored." I would give up my iPhone for the rest of my life to never hear that phrase again. I really would.
3. Feeling like I can't get anything done. Between teaching three online classes this summer, staying home with the kids all day and trying to keep them busy, attempting to keep our house tidy, clean and laundry free, planning and making meals, I am just tuckered out. I feel like I never, ever have time to do anything for me. I am not sure if fall will be any better, but I am hopeful that once I get back to working on campus and the kids are back in school we will establish a more solid routine.
2. The fighting!
1. I'll say that again. The fighting! These three demons children constantly argue about the dumbest things. Well, in their defense, it usually isn't dumb to them, it's actually important. However, to me it all seems so redundant, tedious, unproductive and annoying. So. Ready. For. School. To. Start. I think they are just really, really sick of playing with each other.

Just a normal drive home after running a few errands.

Friday, July 22, 2016