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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why I Pay to Run

So there's this thing I do to myself. It hurts a lot sometimes, but I still do it at least four times per week.

It usually makes me really tired and often makes it hard to breathe, yet sometimes I still get up at 4 or 5 am to do it.

And when I do it for over an hour and a half in one setting, it almost always makes me have horrible stomach cramps and GI issues for several hours afterward.

It isn't free, shoes for the sport are at least $100 a pair, and you need at least three pairs a year. Nutrition gels, gear, clothing, registrations, gym memberships... it all adds up. What starts as a free sport that you can do around your neighborhood, often becomes something that costs money as you get more active in it.

What is this seemingly awful thing that I do? 

It's running. 

And I willingly and gladly pay to do it.

I remember last fall when my parents came to the Des Moines Marathon to cheer me on, my dad asked me some very reasonable questions.

After hearing the cost of the race registration he said something along the lines of, "Whoa- wait. You PAID to do this? I thought if people wanted to run in a marathon they just could. You actually paid to run in this?"

I guess to a non runner it might sound kind of crazy- why would anyone PAY money to run an excruciating 26.2 miles? I even know runners who don't do shorter races because of the cost, saying things like, "I run 10ks all the time, why would I pay to do one?"

And I can understand that. But there are many reasons why I do register for races throughout the year.

Goals. Running can be a great way to build endurance, stay fit, and clear your mind. But let's be honest- it does get monotonous. Although switching to audio-books this last year has helped significantly, not every run is fun. Running is more than using your body to move; running is in your mind. And if your mind isn't in it, you won't have a good run. I have found that if I register for periodic races throughout the year though, it makes me motivated to keep going and helps me to push myself through those times when my head just isn't in the game.

Accomplishment. One of my favorite marathon signs of all time stated: For all the girls picked last in gym class. This was so me. In the sense of organized sports, I was not naturally athletic growing up. I was never taught that once you start to get tired, you can push through it. As an adolescent I was never given the proper information from coaches about what endurance is and how it works. As an adult I have achieved such personal pride and accomplishment in endurance running. It took me 30 years to figure out that even though I might be tired at mile 3, by mile 6 I will feel great. I am not the fastest runner, but I am not the slowest either, and as a runner I am just fine with that. 

Role modeling. I love that my kids see me run in races. They like to go on "runs" with me around the neighborhood, and even though none of them are more than 7 years old, they still like to try. I have run a few color runs with my kids and I am excited to see if any of them will be interested in the sport as they get older. Even my husband has rekindled his enjoyment of running over the last few years and he will be running his first half marathon soon. My brother (who will also be running his first half marathon soon), niece, parents, some of my friends, and even people that I don't really know that have followed my journey, have been inspired to get more active through walking and running. That to me is more reward than I could have ever imagined.

Healthy. Finally, of course running keeps me healthy and fit, so setting race goals helps me stay active with the sport in order to stay healthy. I have always enjoyed being active throughout my life, be it bootcamp classes, stationary bike riding, walking, etc, but it wasn't until I started running regularly 3 years ago that I felt the strongest and healthiest I have ever been. I eat healthier when I run, I drink more water when I run, and I am just overall more fit when I run.

In addition to these reasons, I have others of course, like networking with other runners, flourishing relationships with friends that enjoy the sport, and running allows me an outlet to write and support other runners.

It is said that the best things in life are free, and that is true. But some of the best things in life can cost a little bit, too.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Little Cortisone Mixed with PT Please

It has been nearly a month since my tendinitis and bursitis flare up in my shoulder that landed me in the ER. After I received my cortisone shot during that ER visit, although it took two full days for the inflammation to even begin to cease, it only took about about a week for most of my mobility to return and even more of the pain to go away. After the cortisone had kicked in, my family doctor suggested PT, so I agreed to try it out. I will do anything to attempt to NEVER have acute bursitis again, and I pray that this will never become a chronic issue (more than the minor pain I deal with once in awhile).

I have been going to PT once a week since then, and because this is my first time going, I have been a little cautious and weary of it. I keep thinking that PT is for a stroke patient learning to use an entire side of their body again, or for someone that has had a hip replacement who needs to learn how to walk again. I never imagined that PT could help out with such an insignificant issue, in comparison, as bursitis. So far, though, I have learned that I am a good candidate for PT and am learning even more about how to get full mobility back in my shoulder.

Since the cortisone shot I feel like a new person. For the last 5 plus years I have had significant pain off and on in my shoulder when I do various activities, like taking clothes off over my head, posture issues in long runs (over 10 miles), bootcamp or boxing classes, sleeping on it wrong, or playing catch with the kids. The pain has really limited many of the activities I can use my shoulder for. My shoulder is now 100% pain free, other than a little aching once in awhile, and I can't even believe how amazing it feels to be able to take off my sports bra and not feel pangs of pain as I do it.

But here is the kicker. I still need PT. I swear that every week when my PT day approaches I say to my myself, "Just cancel your appointment, your arm doesn't even hurt anymore." But PT for me isn't about the lack of pain I feel right now, it is about prevention.

My right shoulder and some of the muscles in it are so tight from years and years of pain and tightening to support my weak shoulder, that I have limited mobility when I rotate it. I also have some burning and aching in that shoulder when I do many of the exercises I have learned in PT, whereas I do not feel a thing when I do them with my other arm.

The therapists I have seen have explained to me that life is great when you have that cortisone shot, but eventually it will wear off, leaving my shoulder susceptible to inflammation again. Our goal is to get my shoulder muscles unwound, to stretch them, elongate them and get them to the point where they don't tighten up anymore and I can have normal function and full rotation by the time the cortisone expires.

I have a few more appointments, but so far I am seeing progress. The hardest part is remembering to do the exercises I need to do each day, as chasing around my three kiddos while teaching online and evening classes takes a toll on the free time I have.

The best news is that I can still run! These past few weeks I have run a few 7-milers, a few 5-milers and a couple 3-milers, and they have felt spectacular. I will start training for my fall races next month, so I am happy to be back on track with my running. 

I will keep you updated as I continue to navigate through my recovery process.

During a beautiful run one morning this week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"I Don't Know" Did It: A New Addition to Our Family

My mom occasionally talks of a specific frustration that she had with my two siblings and I when we were children. When she would confront us with something naughty that one of us had done, a mysterious childhood friend was often to blame. Mom laughs about it now, but I'll bet it was not funny at the time.

The imaginary culprit in my childhood home was this illusive, naughty little persona named, "I Don't Know."

Here's how it worked:

"Who did this?!" my mom would angrily question, taking obvious effort to stay calm.

Blank stares.


"I said, who did this?! Who spilled my perfume on the carpet?" mom would more heatedly demand.

I'd look at my sister, who'd look at my brother, who'd look at me. We'd all look at mom and shrug.

Then I would say it.

"I don't know," I'd cautiously stammer (whether I knew who the offender was or not).

"I Don't Know Did It?" Mom would ask.

We'd still remain silent. 

"Who. Did. It." She'd repeat through gritted teeth.

This time my sister would answer. 

"I don't know." She'd as equally cautiously assert.

"You're telling me someone named I Don't Know did this?" she'd question, throwing her arms in the air.

And this redundant conversation would continue for some time, usually with my poor mother never getting a straight answer.

I thought I understood how frustrating this situation was when I became a mom a few years back. But I never truly understood how frustrating this was until I Don't Know recently visited my own house.

One night this week, my husband and I, after a long day home with the kids, excitedly sat down to watch the season premiere of one of our favorite television shows. We quickly discovered that the TV did not work. 

Upon closer evaluation we found that the corner of our 50+ inch plasma TV was shattered.

Our 3 year old was still awake in his bed so we brought him to the crime scene and asked him what had happened. He said his 7-year-old brother did it. We woke up the 7 year old, who said he didn't know who did it. Probably his little brother or sister, he thought. The next morning my 5 year old swore that she also did not know who did it.

This is the first time that my kids have broken something significant, and expensive, and remained pretty solid in their attempts to shift, and deny, the blame. And I have to say, describing my emotions over this situation as irate doesn't even begin to come close to the level of anger I feel.

So it is clear that my childhood scapegoat, lovingly named I Don't Know, has once again graced my life, however now I'm dealing with my old friend from a different perspective.

I am sure this is the first of many adventures my old faithful persona will partake with my children, and I can't say I'm surprised. 

Karma can be a real pain sometimes


Monday, June 15, 2015

Butt Head, Pee Face and Poopy Butt

It seems that whether I am listening to my children playing in the living room, or we are shopping at a store, or they are in the yard with the neighborhood kids, there are definitely words that consistently come out of my children's mouths.

This would be fine if these words were things like, "Thank you ma'am." Or, "I love you sister." Or any other adorable words such as butterflies, rainbows or cotton candy. Occasionally I do hear my kids use similar appropriate language, and once in awhile they even surprise me with their empathic and thoughtful word choices.

But lately it seems that my kids don't make these cute or adorable word choices as often as they should.

At the store the other day, my 3-year-old son said, "Thank you Butt," to a kind, elderly cashier who was complementing him on his haircut. I was humiliated, but not surprised. I hope she had her visible hearing aids turned down enough so that she only caught the first part of his response.

But it isn't just my youngest son, who you might argue is too young to understand what he is really saying.

All three of my kids are obsessed with calling each other baby butts, butt heads, pee faces, and poopy butts, and several other derivatives and combinations of immature references to bodily functions.

I used to think that it was just their attempt to be funny or to rile me up. But the more I hear them saying these things, the more I believe that they are now actually processing their thoughts using these words.

For example, the other night my 7-year-old asked, "Why did God make us?" Innocent enough question right?

But it was immediately followed in the same breath by, "Why does the word pee only have one 'P' in it if it comes out of your peepee?" I mean seriously? Couldn't he have let me have just one small moment of enjoyment in his thoughtful question about our Lord?

My daughter chimes in sometimes too. She tends to try to use phrases like, "I don't love you anymore," or "(insert a brothers name) is not my friend" in order to get her desired effect. I do still catch her saying words like butt, pee and poop but not as often as the boys.

I'm hoping this is a phase that soon passes.

They aren't complete toilet mouths. I am able to get some pride out of the few other precious things they say, like the other day when my youngest said so matter-of-factly, "I can't kiss your lips mommy. That's only for marry. Here's a puppy kiss," and he licked my cheek (Okay in typing it up I realize that this might actually sound gross but it was really cute, I swear).

Another problem I have is that I have started to use these ridiculous words too. I called my husband a poopy head the other day when he made me mad. I called him a poopy head, and you know what? I really meant it!

I'm thinking I definitely need more adult interaction this summer.

I really don't believe that I am alone in this problem. I hear other kids using these words and phrases too. I did recently take all YouTube apps and Google search apps off of my kid's devices and I am hoping this cuts down at least some of the exposure they have to these words.

So if you are around my family and you hear my son say an immature reference to someone being a puke butt, I hope that you aren't too judgmental of my kids. We are working on it.

In the end they are good kids and I am a good parent.

And if you don't think so, then don't be such a pee face.

And then they have their adorable moments like this.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dick’s Sporting Goods $50 Giveaway! Multiple Winners!


Over the years, I’ve discovered that I definitely have favorite brands and products when it comes to running. I wanted to share my top favorites and give you an opportunity to get some of them for free, courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods!

First of all, I absolutely love Reebok brand clothing. I know, I know, kind of old school right? I remember wearing Reebok High Top shoes and oversized athletic wear as a teenager and it was all the rage, like Guess jeans or Co-ed Naked t-shirts. But let me be the first to say, when it comes to running clothes, nothing tops Reebok.

Finding running clothes that fit right are particularly difficult for me. I have gained and lost a lot of weight over the last few years, and I have stretch marks and areas of loose skin all over my middle section (isn’t that pretty to imagine?!). I struggle with finding running clothes that cover what I need to be covered without causing pulling in the wrong places or cinching around my tummy. Recently however I found the solution. Reebok makes Playdry shorts that are to die for. They are a great length, loose enough to provide some give, but have a wide waistband (that includes a cell phone storage area) to hold in any tummy area concerns. I have two pair, but want to buy more- they are delightful.

Reebok also provides my favorite summer running sleeveless tops. These are tight tops and actually stay in place and don’t slowly ride back up your hips when you run. They are really amazing. I have a few of these and sometimes even wear them under t-shirts to provide a little more midsection support. The two I have are spandex/cotton blend and fit better and stay in place longer than many other brands that I have tried.

I also love many Under Armour products too, especially if you are looking for matching running tights/fitted tops. Under Armour makes running tights that fit well over troubled tummy areas, and I have to say, that not all running tights do. Some brands pull and pinch in places that aren’t exactly flattering for a woman, but I haven’t had that experience with UA yet.  

KT Tape is also something I like to use if I have an injury. If you are injury prone in any areas (knee, shin and shoulder for me) I highly suggest using KT Tape for any run over 8 miles. The trick is figuring out how to apply it so it stays on the whole run, but with a little practice, anyone can figure it out.

I have a few gear items I swear by. One would be my Nathan water bottle that straps to my hand while I run. I have never really liked having things strapped to my waist, like water bottles or refueling gels, so this is a great alternative for me. The outside of the strap has a little zip pocket for you to store a few small items, like gel or your car keys. I used it during my marathon last October and loved it!

Notice in this picture from my October marathon I'm not only using my Nathan's running bottle, but I'm also wearing my Yurbuds armband, UA running tights/shirt combo, and one of my Reebok tanks. 

And as you can see from the image above, also really like my YurBuds Ironman armband. I have tried many brands of cell phone cases and none work well for me because I have very slender arms, that is until I discovered these awesome little straps. I am currently on my fourth one, if that says anything for how much I love them. Both my husband and I use these and they last about 6-12 months, and that’s great considering how much use the get.

So now what? You know a little about my favorite running things… would you like to try some of them out? Well you can- FOR FREE?! Dick’s Sporting Goods has donated coupons, bonus certificates, and Dick’s cash (that can be used at any Dick's) to Mamagottarun so that some of my lucky readers can try these items out (or buy anything else). All of the items I’ve discussed can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

To enter just follow the instructions in the Raflecopter Giveaway at the top of my blog. You can enter multiple times daily and I will have three winners!
(1)    Grand Prize: $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods Bonus Certificate and 3 sheets of coupons.
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Additionally, a sample of KT Tape will be given to each winner courtesy of the Coach Chavez 5k/Two Mile Walk, an event held each spring to commemorate the honor of an inspirational coach and runner.

If you have trouble viewing the giveaway on my blog from your mobile device, view my blog as a "web version" (scroll to the bottom of the page ) or log in from a PC or Mac and you will be able to enter (sometimes mobile devices do not allow easy viewing).

Giveaway ends Friday, June 26, 2015 at midnight. Dick’s Sporting Goods, nor any brands mentioned, did not compensate me for this review of items or to run a giveaway. Rafflecopter will randomly pick the winners and I will contact winners privately through email to get your mailing address information once the giveaway ends.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Medical treatment when out of network? Emergency Room It Is!

Last week I visited the emergency room in my home state of Iowa. I was out of town and after having truly excruciating, constant pain for a few days, I had to do something. 

But let me start from the beginning. I have had off-again-on-again discomfort in my shoulder for years. Sometimes I wake up assuming I have slept on it wrong, sometimes bootcamp class bothers it, and it always hurts when I toss the baseball around with the kids. These discomforts are nothing compared to the pain I recently felt. I never in my life have had pain in my shoulder like the pain I had this past week.

I woke up one morning and immediately noticed significant pain in my right shoulder. It definitely bothered me, and I complained a little about it, but I had plans throughout the day taking my kids on adventures with their grandma so I toughed it out. I assumed the pain would subside as the day progressed, like usual. I took layers of acetaminophen and ibuprofen but nothing seemed to take the edge off. All day it progressively, slowly worsened, but wasn't significant until later that night.

Around 11 p.m. I realized that the pain wasn't going away at all, no matter what position I placed my arm in. The pain was now constant and intense and I couldn't lay it down or bend it in any direction that offered any type of relief. That night I had noticed that it really started to hurt to do things like lift up a gallon of milk or brush my teeth. I laid in pain until about 1 or 2 a.m. and then tried a different bed. At some point I finally fell asleep but when I awoke at 7 a.m. the next morning the pain was excruciating. Not only was the pain literally constant, but it was very intense. Again I layered medicines, hoping, but failing to get any relief. I then started icing it, intending to numb it some.

Still on vacation with the kids, I again had plans with my children's other grandmother, so I wanted to tough it out. She suggested Icy Hot, which did help some, but all day long there was no position that offered significant relief. I also started to notice loss of normal motion and use of my arm: it literally would not move in some directions, no matter how hard I tried to move it, it locked up. I took a again ton of meds and visited some friends that evening as planned, but by the time I got back for the night, I was in an incredible amount of pain. 

That night I tried some leftover prescriptions drugs my mom had around the house (I know, I know, you aren't supposed to do that) but I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything (even a prescription that expired in 2003!). I spent the night rolling around, pacing my parents living room and crying. It hurt so much I couldn't even play on or use my phone- now THAT is significant. I may have even contemplated cutting off my arm, but couldn't decide if it would hurt more or less to do that.

I finally called my insurance company in the middle of the night to see what kind of out-of-network benefits I have. They basically said the ER was the only way to be certain my visit would be covered. I was apprehensive to go to the ER for shoulder pain and decided not to go. Around 3 a.m. I finally fell asleep. 

At 4:30 a.m. my mom woke me up because I was moaning in my sleep. She startled me so much that I jumped up, jerking my arm forward, and I immediately fell to the ground in pain ranking at a 12 on a 10 point scale. After another call to my insurance company to verify coverage, some mental debates in my head, I finally decided to go to the ER. I was supposed to drive back to KC later that night and there was no way I could ride in a car for the 6 hour drive home without some kind of serious pain management.

It was funny because I haven't gone to that ER since I was a kid, so when my hometown hospital looked me up, my childhood maiden name was listed and my mom suggested my childhood pediatrician as the last doctor that had seen me in the area. After updating my medical records, I was seen right away. The staff was great and I was quickly given Codeine, and although it didn't help at all for the pain, it did help me relax a little.

The doctor on duty determined, after a clean X-ray, that I had a raging case of bursitis and tendinitis in my rotator cuff. My treatment was a shot of Cortisone into my shoulder, as well as a shot of a numbing agent. He also sent me home with a prescription of Percocet, that again did not impact the pain much, but helped me relax. He suggested I take 2 weeks off from running, due to the rotation of my shoulder in my running form. He also said I needed to follow-up with my regular doctor when I got back home to KC.

Luckily my wonderful moms, one by birth and one by marriage, graciously helped me out. My mom works at the hospital I visited so she helped me while there and also took a long lunch break to drive me back to my mother-in-laws house where my kids were so that I could rest for the afternoon. Later that night my poor mom had to drive drugged me and my three crazy kids back to Kansas City in her car. It was quite the drive with my children screaming in the backseat, me puking into a bag with nausea from the pain meds, and her super tired and fighting off fatigue while driving. But we somehow made it back to KC.

It was during our drive home that I realized that being a mother never really ends no matter how old your children are. Thank you so much mom (and I think I may have another article idea!).

It took two full days before the Cortisone shot started working, but then once it did, it took another two full days for most of the pain to go away and most of my mobility in my arm to return. I am now left with minor pain and discomfort sometimes and some reduced range of motion in my shoulder. My doctor agreed with the bursitis diagnosis and I start physical therapy soon hoping to prevent this from happening again. Luckily my doctor does not believe I tore anything. She said that the pain I have felt over the years could be minor bursitis and tendinitis bouts, and that this one was just a really significant event.

Although I had to take a full week off of running, my doctor gave me the all clear and I am back running, but taking it very slow. I need to listen to my body and if I feel pain in my shoulder I need to rest it. I have never done physical therapy before so I am interested to see what it is all about.

This has been a challenging year for my running goals, with a stress fracture and now bursitis, but I am committed to reaching my goals and living a healthy life. These small setbacks are nothing compared to the big picture of life. And I have to remember how lucky I am that these are injuries, and not chronic diseases or illnesses that I have live my day-to-day life battling.

I'll keep you updated on this new journey of recovery over the next few months.

And I will leave you with one thought: I wish bursitis on no one- not even my worst enemy.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 2015 Miles in 2015 Update

Well folks we are nearly half way through the 2015 Miles in 2015 Challenge. Our team of three dedicated women has one month until we officially hit 6 months in. I'd say we are doing pretty good too!

Earlier this week I posted an update from team member Brandi Jones where she let us all know how her running in this challenge has been going this year. She discussed PiYo, race volunteering and just overall gave some really inspirational words of wisdom. If you haven't checked it, be sure to give it a click.

Team member Kate is getting married this month so we are giving her a pass at not reaching her goal in May. She has been busy, busy, busy planning her upcoming nuptials. She has promised to get back on track when the month of June is over, and we will hold her to that challenge- she does have a few miles to make up! She has been racking up some pretty impressive miles still and with her constantly traveling for work she often gets to log her miles at the coolest of places.

A photo Kate took while walking in Denver, CO in May.

I had another slight injury setback, as my avid blog readers know, and had to take about a week off this month to heal from bursitis and tendinitis in my rotator cuff. Luckily I was on track to surpass my 60 mile target for May, so I still met my goal by reaching 69.7 miles. I received the all clear from my doctor this week to start running again. I will start physical therapy on my shoulder soon, but should still be able to run as long as I am not in pain. My big running goal in October of two half marathons in one weekend will require that I start training near the end of July, so I am hoping for an injury free stretch during the next four months.

I've spoken with Brandi and Kate and they have some article ideas so hopefully over the next few months you will get to read more about their experiences not only with this challenge, but living healthy and inspiring others. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Guest Post: Race Volunteering & PiYo

Back by popular demand, a guest post by team 2015 Miles in 2015 member Brandi Jones. Have you been wondering how her "Free Year" has been going since her last post? Well Brandi has an update!
Hello again!!! Well I’ve made it 5 months without filling out a registration form. YAY!! Total mileage 302.83/672. Almost half way!!

I have been asked a million times this month why I chose not to race this year. As I mentioned before this is my “free year”. My first year in 3 years not in training mode during the summer. Anyone who has ever trained know ’s how hard it is to commit to the training process and stick with it. It’s not only a physical challenge but a mental challenge as well. On a recent run with my local running group we talked about how running is such a mental game. Your mind has tremendous power over your body. Over the years I’ve learned it takes about 2 miles for me to be comfortable running. So, my mind is 100% convincing my body those two miles to keep going and it will get better, and it does. I have never once I regretted a run. If you have regrets you’ve chosen the wrong path. Everyone faces challenges and starts at different points but we all have one goal,  to better ourselves.  We are surround by amazing people each trying to obtain their personal best. Cheer them on – Give them a high five.

 Do you know how hard it is to get approved to volunteer at bigger races? I think the last volunteer form I filled out was 14 questions, then you have to wait to be approved and see if there is a spot for you. I’m glad they take such strict precautions but we are offering to volunteer our time.  I did volunteer at my first race in April. It was at the Earth Day 5k/10k in Clear Lake, Iowa. I had a few friends running so it was nice to be able to cheer them on. My new cow bells ring pretty good. J
 April was also my first (and definitely not my last) attempt at PiYo with Jen from just a mom giving it a TRI . Class was once a week for 5 weeks with each class lasting around an hour. Just like any new form of exercising  it takes 2-3 times to get the hang of it. (I strongly suggest any new activities you try give it for a month or 3-4 times before making a decision whether or not it’s for you). Class consisted of holding controlled movements and getting a good stretch. Jen used a headset and speaker system to walk you thru the moves. The first night I got home it felt like Gumby. My body was so loose and flexible, it felt weird to even walk, almost like you were walking on sponges. After 3 classes I could really feel the difference when I ran, I  had a better stride. My hip flexors stay pretty tight.  I’m sure it’s due to the fact I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. We ask a lot out of our bodies when we exercise.  Don’t follow the same exercise routine day in and day out. Change it up! Try something different! I use a lot of the PiYo moves before and after I run to help stretch out. I will definitely keep PiYo in my exercise routine.
 Oh- and I got some new kickers this month also. My current shoes have over 400 miles on them so it was time to replace them. I’m going to keep my old shoes for running while we are camping. I also got a fantastic coupon code e-mailed to me from ProCompression. It was their grab bag socks ( 3 pairs) for $39.00. plus free shipping! These sock are usually $65 a pair, so I took a chance, I can’t pass up a good deal. I received my shoes and socks the same day. Needless to say I was over the moon with the sock colors. They ended up matching my shoes excellent.
It’s like Christmas all over again!