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I still love my children

The other day we had a play date with a few of my dearest friends. Sadly, my children were among the oldest in the group and not only did it make me feel my own age, but I got a little nostalgic remembering how cute my children were when they were younger.

At our play date was an 18 month old who looked just like my own daughter at that same age. My heart melted watching her mother nurse her. I smiled when I saw her go down to the playroom only to come back up the stairs with toys "hidden" behind her back. I even felt the flooding of memories when her mom, mid-conversation, routinely changed a poopy diaper like it was no big deal.

When my children were younger I remember thinking that life could not get any better. A huge toothless gummy grin from a chubby baby, a toddler peeing on the potty by herself, a 3 year old writing his name or reciting the alphabet correctly for the first time; my children amazed me daily.

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