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Starts 8/31 ends 9/7


Ever wanted to try a 5K? Free Race Entries to the IMTDMM 2019 October races! Any distance! Enter soon ends 10/6/2019

Dig deep. You can do this! A view of my dreadmill from my running shoes.

Just a few months away... Yikes.. and Yay!
Race day is getting closer and closer for those of us registered for the IMTDMM, which is super awesome.
If you are already registered, this post isn’t for you. Well, it is of course still for you too, butI really want to INSPIRE other people to START RUNNING!(So seasoned runners, now is your chance to share this article with them!)
This post is for all the others.
All the people who have said, I could never do that, or I am too out of shape, or I am too old, or I am too busy.... 

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