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Motivation needed? Then you HAVE to read this!

I have to tell you that motivation is often what holds me back as a runner. I will be the first to admit that if I take too long of a break from running, or I don't run on a regular schedule, my motivation dwindles.

I do have a few tactics that always get me back on track. It helps me to do these three things: 1. print off a weekly running schedule and cross off my runs as I accomplish them, 2. tell others about my plans to run in order to make me more accountable, and 3. get races on the calendar so that I have tangible goals set.

But do you want to know what motivates me the most? It has nothing to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with other people. My biggest motivator when I am in a running rut is to see other runners accomplish amazing things. This past weekend I spectated my first Ironman event and it was, just... amazing. Actually amazing doesn't even seem a strong enough word to explain the motivation and inspiration I gained from attending.

Not only was it just breatht…

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