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Why I am running this weekend (and it's not just for the sticker)!

The last few days before a big race I always experience a roller coaster of emotions.

First I start to feel excited and get rushes of adrenalin every time I even think about the upcoming race. I swear the slightest reminder of the race totally distracts me and all I can think about is running for like an hour!

Then I start to feel nervous and worried that I am not ready. I begin to question every single training plan decision that I have made up until that point. Was my longest run long enough? Should have I started training sooner? Should I run slower? Or faster? Maybe I should sneak just one more short run in tonight? The self-doubt goes on and on.

I also start to feel sad that I am not going to be training anymore. What goal can I POSSIBLY accomplish now that I have run a full marathon? This one sounds weird and caught me off guard the first time I experienced it. If you have trained for a race before then you understand the strange "Now what?" feeling you get a few days…

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