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Running Is Different For Me Because I am a Woman

Recent attacks on female athletes have really got me thinking about my personal safety while I run.  These attacks have scared me. But more than anything, these attacks have made me angry. Sadly, harassment from men while running isn’t anything new to me, or likely any female runner for that matter. Cat-calls from construction workers as I run through an area of forest, often in the middle of nowhere, being developed for housing. The fast blurs of hormone-raging teenage boys who roll down their truck windows, honk their horn, slow their speed, and holler unwanted whistles and misogynistic comments as they pass me by. The men who stare fixated on me, blatantly gazing out from the windows of their cars as we wait for a stoplight to turn color, making me uncomfortable as hell. I cannot wrap my mind around how any person would think another person would want to be objectified in such a demeaning way. I wish I could say that running while female is the same as running while male, but it just…

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