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Maskcara Giveaway!


Why Maskcara is My Favorite Makeup (I don't sell it- I just love it!)

As my giveaway wraps up tonight I wanted to make sure to review my favorite Maskcara product: the makeup of course! I get so many compliments and questions about my makeup that I really wanted to share a few take-aways with you. When I tell people I wear "Maskcara" makeup they often say, "Wait, you only have mascara on?" No! The brand is called Maskcara (spelled differently) silly!
I have always been pretty low maintenance when it comes to my makeup routine. I have never really worn that much of it and I definitely don't like to spend a ton of money on it. I also really like versatility (like when my eye shadow can double as a brow shadow, or a blush can double as lip color). These three reasons are the main reasons I love these products.
Low maintenance. I don't color my hair, rarely get pedicures these days, and don't have time to spend hours putting on makeup in the morning. As I age, though, I do find that I feel more comfortable wearing makeup to w…

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