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My daily gratitude journal.
Guys. It has been a rough winter. Full disclosure... until recently, I hadn't run much since the Des Moines Marathon last October. And by much, I really mean at all. I can blame it on a million things, but mostly I was burnt out. November and December were the worst. It made me so sad, like a big-fat-pit-in-my-stomach sad, every time I saw someone running outside. I kept telling myself, "Oh it's this cold weather," or "I'm too busy driving my kids to activities," or "Work is demanding too much," but I knew. I knew deep down inside I was just making up excuses. Not running over the last few months had had several effects on me, none of them good. I had gained a little weight, I was unmotivated, I had more anxiety and, contrary to what I thought would happen, I had no more free time than I did before. If there is rock bottom of running guilt, I had hit it. Deciding that enough was enough, I recently found the strength to make …

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