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THIS is THEEEE Book Folks

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I am working hard ya'll.

I am thinking about the foods I put in my body before every, single bite. Sometimes I eat hummus and red peppers. Sometimes I eat a mini snickers. Sometimes I drink coffee. Sometimes I drink wine. But you know what? I ALWAYS think about each and every bite or sip right now. I am deciding to eat what I eat, I am not just eating it.

I am setting all kinds of goals too. Big financial goals. Scary home sale and purchase goals. Small daily self betterment goals. Goals to be a better mom. Goals to be a better wife. Goals to be a better teacher. Goals to blog more often. But I am setting goals and not just letting my life slip by like I have for the last year or so.

I am also running again and really enjoying it, but have to admit that I am really hard on myself too. Since I have run marathons in the recent past, like, real marathons that are 26.2 excruciating miles long, getting back into running just 3 or 4 miles and feeling tired after…

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