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Staying on Your Training Plan

A peek into my own training plan.
Whether you are running your first 5K or your 10th full marathon one thing most runners can agree on is the importance of following a training plan. Sure you may find the occassional crazy person who just wakes up one Monday morning and says, "This running thing doesn't seem too hard; I think I'll run a half marathon this weekend." Although I do know a few- very few- capable athletes who might be able to pull this off, most of us wouldn't dare risk the potential long-term injury, outrageous pain during the race, and days of soreness following such a hasty decision.

Training plans work great to help a runner avoid all of those risks and even the most seasoned runner often follows one. Some runners dowload a professional plan like are offered on the IMT DMM website while others come up with their own by considering past races, current running status at the time of starting the plan, and the time they can devote to it.

Okay, so you …

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