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THREE Free Race Entries and Swag Bags!

Last year I talked my husband into running the I-35 Challenge with me! That's two halfs in  just one weekend!
As many of you know, I am a blogger for the IMT Des Moines Marathon. I am so pumped to announce that just like the last few years, the wonderful race organizer, Chris Burch, has agreed to let me giveaway several race entries (full, half, 5 mile or 5K- your choice!) to the IMT DMM races again this year! 

Yes you read that correctly- Over the  next few weeks I will be giving away THREE RACE ENTRIES and TWO SWAG BAGS! The swag bags are great too, containing a variety of items pending on which package you win, including 13.1 or 26.2 magnets, an IMTDMM custom Camelbak, an IMT DMM running journal, and training gear!

This year the races are on October 19-20, 2019 so there is plenty of time to start training for any of the distances! You still have 5 months, so you can literally still train for any distance your heart desires.

Ya'll, that is 5 prizes- FIVE AWESOME PRIZES! How do you…

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