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Over the years, I’ve discovered that I definitely have favorite brands and products when it comes to running. I wanted to share my top favorites and give you an opportunity to get some of them for free, courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods!

First of all, I absolutely love Reebok brand clothing. I know, I know, kind of old school right? I remember wearing Reebok High Top shoes and oversized athletic wear as a teenager and it was all the rage, like Guess jeans or Co-ed Naked t-shirts. But let me be the first to say, when it comes to running clothes, nothing tops Reebok.

Finding running clothes that fit right are particularly difficult for me. I have gained and lost a lot of weight over the last few years, and I have stretch marks and areas of loose skin all over my middle section (isn’t that pretty to imagine?!). I struggle with finding running clothes that cover what I need to be covered without causing pulling in the wrong places or cinching around my tummy. Recently however I found the solution. Reebok makes Playdry shorts that are to die for. They are a great length, loose enough to provide some give, but have a wide waistband (that includes a cell phone storage area) to hold in any tummy area concerns. I have two pair, but want to buy more- they are delightful.

Reebok also provides my favorite summer running sleeveless tops. These are tight tops and actually stay in place and don’t slowly ride back up your hips when you run. They are really amazing. I have a few of these and sometimes even wear them under t-shirts to provide a little more midsection support. The two I have are spandex/cotton blend and fit better and stay in place longer than many other brands that I have tried.

I also love many Under Armour products too, especially if you are looking for matching running tights/fitted tops. Under Armour makes running tights that fit well over troubled tummy areas, and I have to say, that not all running tights do. Some brands pull and pinch in places that aren’t exactly flattering for a woman, but I haven’t had that experience with UA yet.  

KT Tape is also something I like to use if I have an injury. If you are injury prone in any areas (knee, shin and shoulder for me) I highly suggest using KT Tape for any run over 8 miles. The trick is figuring out how to apply it so it stays on the whole run, but with a little practice, anyone can figure it out.

I have a few gear items I swear by. One would be my Nathan water bottle that straps to my hand while I run. I have never really liked having things strapped to my waist, like water bottles or refueling gels, so this is a great alternative for me. The outside of the strap has a little zip pocket for you to store a few small items, like gel or your car keys. I used it during my marathon last October and loved it!

Notice in this picture from my October marathon I'm not only using my Nathan's running bottle, but I'm also wearing my Yurbuds armband, UA running tights/shirt combo, and one of my Reebok tanks. 

And as you can see from the image above, also really like my YurBuds Ironman armband. I have tried many brands of cell phone cases and none work well for me because I have very slender arms, that is until I discovered these awesome little straps. I am currently on my fourth one, if that says anything for how much I love them. Both my husband and I use these and they last about 6-12 months, and that’s great considering how much use the get.

So now what? You know a little about my favorite running things… would you like to try some of them out? Well you can- FOR FREE?! Dick’s Sporting Goods has donated coupons, bonus certificates, and Dick’s cash (that can be used at any Dick's) to Mamagottarun so that some of my lucky readers can try these items out (or buy anything else). All of the items I’ve discussed can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

To enter just follow the instructions in the Raflecopter Giveaway at the top of my blog. You can enter multiple times daily and I will have three winners!
(1)    Grand Prize: $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods Bonus Certificate and 3 sheets of coupons.
(2)    Additional Prize: $10 Dick’s Cash and 3 sheets of coupons.
(3)    Additional Prize: $10 Dick’s Cash and 3 sheets of coupons.

Additionally, a sample of KT Tape will be given to each winner courtesy of the Coach Chavez 5k/Two Mile Walk, an event held each spring to commemorate the honor of an inspirational coach and runner.

If you have trouble viewing the giveaway on my blog from your mobile device, view my blog as a "web version" (scroll to the bottom of the page ) or log in from a PC or Mac and you will be able to enter (sometimes mobile devices do not allow easy viewing).

Giveaway ends Friday, June 26, 2015 at midnight. Dick’s Sporting Goods, nor any brands mentioned, did not compensate me for this review of items or to run a giveaway. Rafflecopter will randomly pick the winners and I will contact winners privately through email to get your mailing address information once the giveaway ends.

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