Back to those pesky 2015 resolutions...

1. Run at least 15 miles per week.  This will help train for back-to-back half marathons (the I35 Challenge) that I intend to run in the fall (which is another goal I have).

2. Eat low carb until at least spring break.

3. NO HIT IT RICH SLOTS AP (until after lent). Free spins only :)

So how am I doing? Well it's January 4.... I ran 10 miles in four days, I say that works for week one. My new running 'week' always starts on Sunday, and I didn't run today. It is going to be cold this week highs are only in 20s, but I'm gonna try hard to get the 15 miles in. Spring semester starts tomorrow, so likely I won't be able to get my first run of the week in until Tuesday.

Day 4 of the lower carbohydrate diet. HARD. VERY HARD. Headache the last two days. My 5 mile run yesterday felt like a 15 mile run. But I am determined. I have gained a little weight this winter and I am determined to lose it.

I have not played Hit it Rich in four days. Free spins allowed though (cold turkey is hard for me). But I'm so far on track. I have got to get off my phone and on my feet more this year!

I'll post in a few days to keep you updated on my progress, I know you are on the edge of your seat in wonder.

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