Two Words All Runners Never Want to Hear

Bad News: Injury
Well, it was bound to happen. Last spring I dealt with runners knee for about a month as I started training for my first marathon. With patience and a brief two week break from running, I battled through it and healed just fine. I haven't had any knee issues since.

My luck this year seems to be a bit worse. Unfortunately, the injury is not as simple as runners knee, but instead a stress fracture, two words all runners never want to hear.

Last week I noticed some pain in my right shin when I ran on Friday and Saturday, so I stopped running. Each day since then, the pain has been worse so I hadn't run at all for four days. Normal daily activities seemed to increase the pain, so I finally went in yesterday.

I have a right tibial stress fracture. It's very small and with rest should heal quickly. I'm wearing an air cast for a week and then going back in for an evaluation to see how it is healing and make a continued treatment plan. I'm going to be away from running for awhile and I literally cried at the doctor's office yesterday when she told me. Running has become such a huge part of my life these last few years that it is hard to tell myself not to do it. The more I take it easy though, the sooner I will be back on the pavement. My doctor, who runs marathons too, said that there is a small chance that I may be able to still run my registered half the end of April, but my hopes for a PR as my training goal are gone. But that's okay, I'll just be happy to be able to run in it if I am able. Ironically, she is registered for the same half, the Garmin: In the Land of Oz race.

My beautiful new accessory.

Good News: Team 2015 Miles in 2015
I'll post our individual January miles early next week, but my 2015 miles in 2015 team is working hard! With my injury, my January miles are complete, but my teammates have a few more days to tally up a couple more workouts. My goal was 50 miles this month, and even with this last week off, I did reach it with 59.77 miles. My New Years Resolution was 15 miles per week though, which would have meant I needed 60 miles in January, so even with my brief hiatus this month, I came within less than one mile of reaching it.

I'll post her miles in a few days, but team member Kate even got to enjoy some of her miles in sunny L.A.!

So jealous! Can you imagine Kate's walk- 
right by Fox Studios? 

Sweaty Selfie! You Go Girl!

Team member Brandi will have a blog post for you on her experience this month in a few days. It is a good read, so be sure to come back this weekend and check it out. She has had some challenges this month too but is working through them beautifully!

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