Resolution Update: How am I doing?

So we are halfway into the month of January today. This is a good time for me to write about those pesky resolutions. I plan to post about them every couple weeks for two reasons: (1) accountability, and (2) so that I don't forget to keep working on them. Here you go!

Resolution 1: Run 15 miles a week
The last few very cold Kansas weeks have really tested my resolution. My 15 miles a week has been hard, and I'll admit I've had to tack on a few missed miles from one week on to the next, but hopefully by the end of this week I'll be caught up. I swear it's because of the cold. I hate running excuses though.

I had decided to wait and run until later in the week, when it was going to be in the 30-40 degree range outside again. I was very sad about this; when I'm cooped up inside, all I can think about is running.

Then something changed my mind.

I was waiting in the carpool line at my son's school on a freezing day, waiting to pick him up, when I noticed the teachers standing out in this weather. They were standing outside, in the terrible cold, for 20-30 minutes (and they do this every day), helping manage school dismissal.

Then it hit me. I can run outside that long if they are just standing outside that long, right? Quit being a baby and suck it up!

So, that night when the hubby got home from work, I ran a few quick miles. So glad I did! For me it was a very short run but I ran right at sunset and it was gorgeous! 

I'm not a fan of short runs usually, simply because it just seems like so much work for such a short time to be out there. You have change into your running clothes, get your equipment ready, stretch a little, do the run, cool down, stretch again, shower, get dressed again, blow dry your hair, put your make-up back on, etc, all for just 18 minutes of running.

Tonight may have changed that perceptive a little. A run doesn't have to be a 6 mile aerobic challenge every time, sometimes it's nice to just get out of the house. Even if it's just for a few miles.

My short run.

The temperature during that short run.

Resolution 2. Run the I-35 Challenge
This race isn't until October, but mentally and financially I have started planning. I have been in contact with the organizers and registration isn't open until April. I am looking into if I need to register for the two half's individually prior to that and am looking into price increase dates, hotel situations, etc, now. Training won't start until this summer for this challenge, but it is on my mind all the time. I am excited to do this, but nervous about running two half marathons in one weekend. Training will be key for me, as it was for me when I ran my full marathon last fall.

Resolution 3. Eat lower carbohydrate until at least spring break, hopefully making this change a life choice.

I have learned to use cucumber slices instead of crackers. They are crunchy and work well to put cheese, or meat, or spreads on, or anything else you would normally put on a cracker.

I have been eating a lot of nuts. They help fill my stomach, as veggies and meats do not fill me up for very long. This is an excellent, easy snack. Sometimes I dip almonds in peanut better, and that tastes super yummy for a slight change of flavor. Nuts are a great way to eat healthy carbohydrates.

I am kicking butt on this one and have been completely devoted to the lower carbohydrate diet. I am not using a scale for this diet, because there isn't a set amount of weight I want to lose. I haven't weighed myself one time yet. But, my clothes are already fitting better. I noticed the skinny jeans I wore yesterday are already fitting better. The biggest challenge has been remembering to save most of my carbohydrates and eat the bulk of them about 45 minutes before I go for a run. If I don't load up a little on carbs before I run, my energy, pace and spirit while I run suffers.

Resolution 4. Less mindless, time draining, useless playing on my phone.
I have not played HIT IT RICH SLOTS since December 30th. I am still collecting free coins, but am finding that I have less and less desire to do even that. I am playing a few other app games still, but not nearly as much as I used to. Starting this blog has been great for me. I have a personal goal of writing five times per week, so that has been taking up most of my free time. I'm back at work now too and that keeps me busy. I definitely feel better about how I am using my time lately, which was the ultimate reason for the resolution.

Resolution 5. Pray more.
I have been praying more. Not as much as I should, but I am trying to look to God more when I am in need of answers. This one I need to continue to focus harder on. I did recently write a piece on a fellow blogger's website if you are interested in learning more about my relationship with God. You can find that piece by clicking here.

So, in the end, not too bad so far. I am happy where I am in my pursuit of achieving these resolutions. How are yours going? It's never too late to a make a few....

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