Awesome Midwest Running Weather

We have had some really great weather this week in the Midwest! No more complaining about single digits, snow or warm running clothes. Nope- this week has been great!

Yep, this really happened. No sleeves! A beautiful afternoon for a run outside this past weekend. 

It was sunny and gorgeous. I could actually feel the rays of sunshine on my shoulders. It felt amazing to get out there and enjoy some time outside in the mild weather.

This awesome weather helped me knock my 15 miles per week goal out of the ball park. I hit almost 23 miles this week. It felt great to run so much this week, but of course my right leg, shin area, is bothering me now. I am pretty sure it is a case of mild shin splints, so I am going to start treating it as such with more running breaks, less strenuous running, ice and wrapping my leg when I do run.  I've been trying to take a day off every few days of running to give it some healing time, and that helps. But then once I get back out there and run again it gets sore after a few miles. I'm trying to push through it for a few more days as cold weather will be back by the weekend. 

The increased miles are helping my pace increase a little, which I had been struggling with. My last two runs have averaged in the mid 8 minute miles, and I'm thrilled with that.

Go outside this week and enjoy this awesome weather; get out there and do something! It's January, so know the cold weather will be back again...

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