Guest Post: Team 2015 Miles Member Brandi Jones

As you know from my previous posts this month, there are three of us crazy ladies on team 2015 Miles in 2015. Here is a post from team member Brandi Jones, giving some perspective on her experience with our challenge this month:
Brandi, getting her sweaty selfie on.
January was a trying month for me as I battled a troubled hip. I was at about ¾  running and a ¼ walking this month. I don’t know if it is my IT band or hip flexor, probably both. I have been doing a lot of stretching and strengthening  exercises and have had improvement. YouTube and Pinterest have been my saviors! Also, I have come to find out the treadmill aided in the troubles. When I run I usually have my lower belly touching the front bar, this way I have knowledge of where I am at on the treadmill, as I usually have my mind in lala land and I’m always worried about falling off the back 😄. I would get about 1 mile in and I would get sharp quick nerve pain from my groin to knee and hip pain, just my left side (my left leg is shorter than the other so if I get injured it usually that side). Sunday when I ran it started happening again, so I backed off the front bar. I instantly felt relief. It’s like my body was moving more freely. I think I was putting more forward pressure on the bar than I thought I was.  I still have some pain but what runner isn’t running with some kind of issue?
I was able to meet my January goal: 42.72/672. The weather has been great for outside running but I usually try and run around 5 am and it’s still slick out, but on the brighter side, I’ve come to “somewhat” enjoy my treadmill time. It helped to put some new music on my iPod. Plus I have a friend that also gets up early with me and braves the “dreadmill” J Thanks Jerri! For me it’s more enjoyable to workout with other people vs yourself. It takes your mind off what your body is accomplishing. Plus you can have some interesting conversations and it holds you accountable to go. I will admit some mornings it is hard getting up at 4:30 am but knowing someone is going to be there makes you not press that snooze button.
January’s motto “Whether it is running our walking – Just move!”
 February Goal – 50 miles.
Thanks Brandi! It is so great to read about your progress this month. This month you've had some injury challenges, you've learned new things about your how your running body works, you've figured a way to (somehow!) appreciate the dreadmill, and you've found support in the accountability of a friend. These are all important in order to progress as an athlete. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to read more about your experience with this challenge in future posts!

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