2015 Miles in 2015

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I am very excited about a challenge two of my dear friends and I are taking on this year. Both of these ladies have been huge supporters of my running; they both came and cheered me on when I ran my marathon a few months ago. We are strong women individually, so as a group of three I think we will be unstoppable!

We are going to log a combined 2015 miles, or nearly 670 each, of running or walking this year. We are ready for this challenge and have set up guidelines and accountability measures so that we stick with it. You will see our progress throughout the year posted on here, and eventually, they will take turns guest blogging about the experience a little too.

Kate and I wearing safety goggles, enjoying a beer at the KC Boulevard Brewery last fall. We will definitely have to have a few more of those to celebrate after this year!

Brandi and I after my marathon in October, 2014.

Although we aren't doing the actual Run the Edge challenge that is going viral right now, we are using many of the same principles, but making the challenge our own. 

Our basic guidelines:
  • During January, we each sit down and set monthly mileage goals for the entire year (only running and walking counts, something challenging for our triathlete Brandi!)
  • We log our runs monthly in the same activity application. We chose MapMyRun so that we can see each other's workouts and support each other through social media.
  • I blog monthly about our progress, posting results based off of our individual goals. They blog a little too, giving a different perspective to the process.
  • We all get to enjoy a fun girls night in December together once we accomplish our goal!

Each of us are in this for different reasons, but with the support of one another, we will tackle this challenge successfully!

How are you challenging yourself this year? 

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