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Resolution Update: Lower Carb Diet

Grilled salmon, steamed snap peas and broccoli, green salad.

Fresh grocery store salad.

A lower carbohydrate diet is challenging, but I'm over 6 weeks in and finding that it is starting to feel normal. 

I can't tell you how much weight I've lost because I am not weighing myself at all. I am not concerned with pounds; I just want my clothes to fit nicely. And, since I started the diet, my clothes do fit great again.

I've dieted this way before at different points in my life, but I am truly trying to make it a life change this time. I will say too, that because I'm unable to run right now and am thus burning less calories daily, eating healthy has helped aid in my spirits as I wait for my injury to heal. This diet just works really well for me to maintain the healthy weight that I like.

I also really enjoy this diet because, and I have no science that I can find behind this, but my migraines seem fewer and minimized in intensity when I am eating lower carbohydrates. 

Top 10 foods (1 serving) I enjoy:
1. Fiber One bars (sometimes dipped in peanut butter): 11-15 carbs
2. Celery/peanut butter: 3-6 carbs
3. Turkey bacon & cheese omelet: 1-3 carbs
4. Green Salads, various: 3-9 carbs
5. Cheese, various, slices/chunks: 0-2 carbs
6. Sugar free candy- Russsel Stover: 4-8 carbs
7. Grilled chicken breast or fish, seasoned: 0-3 carbs
8. String cheese: 0-1 carbs
9. Raw Cucumber/pepper slices and ranch dip: 2-6 carbs
10. Tuna or cheese/low carb tortilla shells: 3 carbs

I'll keep you posted on my success. If you want more information on this diet let me know and I can tell you more details. If you believe you can cut out most breads, pasta, potatoes, most fruits, and sugary sweets, this might be a good option for you.

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