March H2O Challenge

Have you ever wanted to drink more water? I always think about doing it, but I never actually do. I usually grab a diet soda instead. Or a coffee. Or if I do choose water it must have a Crystal Light mixer in it. Rarely do I ever turn on the tap and drink pure water.  

Recently I learned of an H20 challenge that fitness guru and fellow blogger (who just happens to be a friend of mine too) Jen Schmitt is hosting during the month of March. Here is why I am doing it, and you should too:

-It doesn't cost anything to participate. I have no idea how Jen stays so motivated to help others free of charge, but she does. She sets personal goals of helping others and changing people's lives through healthy living. And she really is; if you participate, you will not be disappointed. Although I haven't participated in any of her challenges previous to this one, I know when I trained for my marathon last year, and even now while I recover from my injury, she frequently sent/sends messages of encouragement.

-It is only one month of your life, and who knows? It could CHANGE your life! I am excited to learn more about how my body processes and needs water and Jen will be requiring that we check a secret Facebook page daily to get information related to water consumption. The group is encouraged to post and participate in Facebook discussions daily as well.

-My kids need me to role model better behavior. I love running and they see that exercise is important to me, but they also see, and I'm not joking here, the minimum of 60 ounces of diet soda that I consume daily. Most days per week diet soda is shamefully the only form of drink that I consume, and that folks, is really sad. I truly hope to wean myself from my diet soda addiction over the month of this challenge.

-I am excited to see if eating healthier changes my physiology. Will my migraines lesson? Will my skin improve? Will I feel healthier? Will I have more energy?

-Having Jen's support on Facebook and through text messages is key. She will give you daily suggestions, advice, information and the support needed to get you through the process of incorporating more water into your daily diet. Everything is online, so whether you live 6 hours away from her (like I do) or 6 minutes from her, you will be supported.

Jen plans to start us all at 64 ounces of water per day; and by water, I mean water. No additives. No flavor (besides maybe a slice of lemon or cucumber). Just. Plain. Water. As the month progresses the goal will be to get you drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water by the end. You can drink other beverages throughout the day, but they do not count toward your total daily water consumption.

You can register for this challenge by clicking on the H2O link above and submitting an online form. You only have until 10 am on Friday, March 27 to register, so don't delay.

I dare you to take the plunge! I look forward to this challenge and you could too.

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