10 Truths to Exercising After Having Kids

1. You will pee just a little every time you do a jumping jack. I've learned that track tights in the forgiving color of black are great for combating this.

2. After breastfeeding children, your sports bras make your chest look like you are a man. A man with nice pecs, but a man nonetheless.

3. You no longer want hip hugger yoga pants, and it's hard to find good fitting workout pants that go over or on top of the loose, stretch marked skin that you now call your stomach.

4. Kidz Bop Radio on Pandora really isn't terrible to work out to. In fact you might actually run a few miles before you realize that you are listening to it.

5. Sippy cups from the SUV floor work really well if you forget your water bottle when you go to the gym.

6. Chasing around your kids all day almost counts as a true workout. Make sure your FitBit is charged.

7. PB&Js really are a good way to carb load prior to a long run. And chocolate milk is good for post workout recovery.

8. You will have less time to work out but working out becomes more important to you. Kind of an oxymoron.

9. You will put off replacing your running shoes because they cost about as much as an entire week of childcare. 

10. At some point, whether you are a mom or a dad, you will go for a run to escape your wonderful, adorable, exhausting children.

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