Injury Update

I will not give up!

I can say that the last three weeks have been the most frustrating I've had in awhile. Previous to my current stress fracture, I have never had an injury from running besides runner's knee once. Runner's knee does hurt but doesn't keep you from running very long. Nor does it have as many long term risks if you don't stay completely off of it. I remember taking a week break from running and then switching to trail running for awhile, but I was able to get back out there pretty quickly.

I went back to the doc for follow up X rays and it was suggested I wear the air cast for 2 more weeks. So that'll be 5 weeks in the air cast total. At that point, I should then be able to slowly start running again, devoutly following the 10% rule. I am continuing the stationary bike, and I may try the elliptical or a few more short walks this week, but I really do need to refrain from running even though the pain is less often and severe. 

If two more weeks off really is all this takes, I should be able to run my scheduled half in mid-April. I won't be setting a PR like I had hoped, but at this point, running it would just be amazing.

It is really hard to not get anxious about running (although the predicted 10 days in a row now of the coldest weather we've had this winter is upon us), but it is even harder to stay energized and be in a good mood. I do not feel like myself when I don't run. I love everything about running, from getting to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, to the mental arguments I have with my mind on a bad or particularly long run. I think the hard runs end up being my favorite because afterward I always feel such accomplishment after not giving up.

It has been really rough seeing my husband thrive in his running these last few weeks; he has improved his pace and increased his distance recently. I am so proud of him, I truly am! When I see him looking at the forecast on his phone though, I know he is planning his next run. I get so jealous, and angry, but it's not his fault he isn't injured. Soon I will be back out there too. 

I already bought new running shoes with good insole inserts.

Patience. Patience. More Patience. I will not give up!

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