Random Things My kids Have Taught Me

When a child tells you that he has to pee or poop, he really does have to pee or poop; find a bathroom immediately.

Putting ice in your milk completely transforms the taste in a wonderful way.

Naps are underrated, for both my kids and myself.

Paradoxically, sleeping in is overrated.

An empty Kleenex box, Scotch tape, a few sticks from the yard and a couple of markers can make a child just as happy as a new toy does, and is probably played with longer.

It's okay to wear pajama leggings or mismatched shoes to work on occasion.

Coloring in coloring books is actually really fun (and an excellent way to goad compliments out of your children to boost your ego).

Cleaning up other peoples vomit or snot is not nearly as gross as I once thought it was.

Sometimes being late is better than being early.

There are six little eyes and ears watching and listening to everything my husband and I say to one other.

Your own children can say very mean things to you and not mean any of it.

Other children can be mean and make your child cry and you will want to cry too.

Surprisingly many children's books and movies have more hilarious subliminal content geared toward adults than the content geared toward the actual children.

Eating at a fast food joint can be considered the same thing as eating at a restaurant.

"Clean" usually means "clean enough."

Ketchup can be considered the vegetable side dish of a meal.

Spending $60 on a pair of jeans for myself is irresponsible, but spending $60 on new basketball shoes for my son is reasonable.

You can be so completely angry at someone but still love that little human more than your own life.

Morning snuggles might be my favorite thing of all time.

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