Just One More Week to Enter: Free Race Entry to the @Garmin Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K

*This giveaway has ended and winners have been notified through email.

During the 2014 Wickedly Fast Half.
I think you can see hail bouncing off
the pavement! (Photo courtesy Action Sports Images)

Why haven't you entered yet? Did you know you can enter multiple times and then once per day after that? Have you shared this giveaway with your friends, family members, or just random runners you stop on the street? Okay I might not suggest that last one but seriously folks, any runner in the Midwest would be thrilled to win a race entry valued at up to $120! Share away! If you don't want a free race entry that's okay, enter to win one of the free t-shirts. Either prize is great! Hurry, the giveaway ends 12/28/2015.

If you haven't read my previous post announcing the giveaway of two- yes you read that correctly- TWO ENTRIES to the Garmin Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K on April 16, 2016, you can find it here.

There is just so much great information that I'd like to share with you about this race. Even if you don't win, you need to register for so many reasons.

First of all the race is well worth the hours of training put in for the swag alone. I know runners who participate in this race (my hand is raised!) simply because the medals rock! I mean it- they are literally like solid rock. They are heavy, quality medals that you will be proud to hang in your collection. The participant shirts are always of high quality too and I wear both of mine from the two years I've participated all the time when I train.

After the race you will be rewarded with FREE BEER, FREE FOOD, a FREE MEAL, a FREE Chiropractic Adjustment, FREE Yoga Stretching by yoga instructors, a FREE MASSAGE by licensed massage therapists... Did you catch that? All of this is FREE to participants!

One of the biggest changes coming is one that has been needed in my opinion. The runners exposition will be getting a much needed shot in the arm (too early for steroid jokes and running?). This year the expo where runners pick up packets and visit venders will be in a 20,000 square foot space where 40+ vendors will be available to give out information and free swag (my favorite part of all race expos!). The expo will be held at the brand new Olathe Conference Center, which is also where the start and finish lines of the race are located.

There are so many excellent reasons to participate in the Garmin Marathon that it's difficult to fit them all in just one article. One reason is that runners get credit for referring other runners. Say what?! Refer just 5 registrants and you earn a free registration to the 2017 event! There are other reward levels for "runner get a runner" promotions that can be found here. 

Don't feel like racing or just have a runner you'd like to cheer on? What better support than volunteering as a course monitor at the race while earning money for a non-profit of your choice. That's right! There are more specific guidelines that can be found here but you and your group could earn up to $500 for a non-profit of your choice! 

Maybe your non-profit doesn't have April 16th available to volunteer? Your group can recruit runners and earn up to $2,500 or more! Pending on what distance your runners choose the amount of money your non-profit receives is impacted, but it can all add up to a lot of money for a good cause.

If you are a qualified veteran, a Military Appreciation discount is offered.

If you own a business and would like to have your company name on those sweet participant shirts, there are various levels of sponsorship that would allow that or other sponsorship choices. If you have a health, sport or like-minded related company and you desire to reach out to race participants you can contact the race for more expo booth information. 

If you aren't convinced to register for or to get involved in this race yet, I would be surprised. Aside from all of the wonderful reasons I've offered, just imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel after running 6.2, 13.1 or even 26.2 miles! Believe me, the feeling is immeasurable. 

But watch out... it is addictive too... :)

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