November 2015 Miles Update

2015 Miles in 2015
Traci Kate Brandi
Goal Achieved Goal Achieved Goal Achieved
January 50 59.77 40 30 40 42.72
Februray 50 15.03 45 45.6 50 56.11
March 60 64.33 50 50 60 73.48
April 60 83.51 60 59.12 60 61.92
May 60 69.7 60 40 60 68.6
June 60 60.28 60 25 60 60.2
July 60 108.96 60 66.5 60 65.49
August 60 109.9 60 60.1 60 64.97
September 60 111.6 60 45 60 60.66
October 60 90.13 60 52.2 60 62.15
November 50 50.09 60 55.8 50 54.9
December 50 58 52
Total 680 823.12 673 529.32 672 671.2
Group Total 2023.64
Group Goal 2015
Miles to go 0 (8.64over!)

I am in shock that we only have one month of this challenge to go. I remember last year, just after New Year's Day, reading on some random running website about a challenge where you and your friends could put a team together and make it a goal to collectively run or walk 2015 miles in the year 2015. I remember posting on Facebook, asking anyone if they would be interested in trying to do this with me. Within minutes my dear friends Kate and Brandi replied that they would be. So, with a team of three, we started the challenge the very next day. We all had different goals and reasons for participating, but we all accepted the challenge with excitement.

Now, 11 months later we are still going strong.

I do have to admit that although I did reach my goal of 50 miles this month (50.09 to be exact!), it was not easy. In fact, I got the last 8.3 miles in on the very last day in order to reach my goal. My main reason for slacking was the cold weather, but another significant reason is that my rotator cuff is really bothering me again. Right before Thanksgiving I tripped and fell while running and landed directly, with my full running force propelling me, on my right side, mostly landing on my bad arm/shoulder. I had to take several days off due to the extreme discomfort in my knee and arm from the pain. I did get some strong pain medication from my doctor that has helped, but a week later I still have some pretty nasty scrapes, and my shoulder has still been much more sore than normal. In fact, even typing this blog post makes my shoulder pretty uncomfortable.

For this next month, I had set my December goal of 50 miles at the beginning of the year, not realizing I would be having surgery half way through the month. I am still going to try to reach that goal, but instead of 4 weeks, I only have 2 weeks to do it in. I will update you at the end of the month with my progress.
During a November run.

Here's an update from 2015 Miles team member Brandi Jones.
So just like a race, the finish line is in sight! I’m less than 1 mile away from my 672 mile goal. 671.20/672. November total of 54.90 miles. With having some days off work and miscalculating my miles, I did a dreaded 11 miles on the treadmill to finish up November and didn’t have to. I only needed 7 but it made me mentally stronger. With the winter Iowa weather over half my mile were on the treadmill this month. 

I have major anxiety over the treadmill. I use the treadmill at our local school to run. Their treadmill’s have arms all the way down them so I start to feel very claustrophobic.  Guess that means when I run outside I’m nowhere near running in a straight line. Ha Ha! Anyway only 1 month left to go. Oh! There is a plus side to treadmills….they usually are close to a bathroom J 
Here’s something to reflect on. What will you do to succeed? Who will you help succeed?

Team member Kate had a good month too- in fact- this month she earned more individual miles than Brandi or I did- 55.8! From what I can see in her MapMyRun progress, she was pretty consistent in trying to get more miles in each week, rather than having to work really hard at the end. In talking with her, it sounds, just like many athletes in the off-season, me included- Kate is having a mental struggle. From what Brandi posted about treadmill work, she is too. I think indoor running and walking is much more challenging on the brain, but we are going to overcome this and finish December strong!

I look forward to Kate's end of year summary and can't wait for you to read something from her. She is excited to write about her experience participating in this challenge too. Although she may come short of her overall miles, Kate has set a goal of completing 90% of her miles, or 604.8. This means that she needs 75.8 more miles this month. I am so proud of her and I know that she can do this!

As a team we have exceeded our 2015 miles goal, but that doesn't mean that we stop now. We can still each work to achieve, or come as close as we can to achieving, our individuals goal for December and the year.

Wish us luck!

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