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#TheColorRun: Sigh... Not the Ending I Expected

Usually when I get my swag bag before a race I am super pumped to hold up the cool new shirt, get my safety pins adhered to my bib, and check to see if there are any sweet discounts on any upcoming local races.


Not this time. 

Unfortunately I was unable to compete in this color run due to a flare up of bursitis and tendinitis. The worse part is that it's not even in my feet or legs- it's in my shoulder. But it still requires that I take a week or two off from running or power-walking because of the rotation of my shoulder when I exercise.

A fellow 2015 Miles in 2015 team member was supposed to come visit me to complete The Color Run with me, but when I became unable, she decided to skip it too. So that we weren't completely out her registration fees I still went and picked up our race packets so we could at least get the swag. I was also really sad because I had actually won this FREE race entry- one of the few times I have won anything in my entire life- and couldn't even use it. (Shout out to Jen Schmitt of JustAMomGivingItATri for the raffle a few months back).
Luckily it's only a week or so that I'm off from running, and my next big running goal of two halfs in one weekend isn't until October. 

So I guess this post-race blog post is the first I've ever written where I didn't actually compete in or complete the race, which is weird. And hopefully rare. 

This year is proving to be the year of injuries with my February stress fractured tibia and now this, and it's only halfway through. Hopefully I have experienced my share of setbacks and will have an awesome second half of 2015.

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