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2015 Miles in 2015: April Summary

Team 2015 Miles is doing great. This was our best month ever!

I tallied 83.51 miles in April, happily exceeding my 60 mile goal. This was the first month where I finally felt back 100%, completely back on track since my injury. I am not surprised I accumulated more than my goal; I trained for and ran a half marathon on April. It just feels good to be able to run carefree again. In addition to running, I've been trying to incorporate a kickboxing workout or two per week, so I although I plan to try to exceed my goal for May as well, I will be saving some days this summer for kickboxing.

Brandi ROCKED it again this month with 61.92 miles, more than her goal too! She is a very consistent runner and as I watched her track her miles in MapMyRun this past month, I noticed that she really has been doing more distance running than anything else. I had the pleasure of running with her once in April when we tagged along for a long run with a friend, Jen Schmitt of JustAMomGivingItATri, that is training for a June marathon. Brandi does other kinds of workouts each week too, like biking, swimming and classes, so she tends to get her miles in during a few long runs per week, versus several smaller ones.

Brandi, Jen and I before a 12 mile run in April.

Kate is also doing awesome! Keeping in mind that she traveled across the globe this month (totally jealous!) and is in the midst of planning her wedding (which is in just two months) she was less than one mile short of her reaching her 60 miles goal! I am really proud of her as she continues to make this challenge a priority and life change, even though she has so much going on right now.

Kate, getting her miles in in Paris.

As you can see from the chart above, we are just where we need to be. We have accomplished 32% of our goal. About 33% of the year has passed, so if we stay on track, we will be able to accomplish our 2015 miles in 2015 goal.

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