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Ten Thoughts All #Runners Have Had

1. I'm feeling so constipated the last few days. I need to go on a long run.

2. This 8-mile run feels so awesome! I think I could run 5 more!

3. This 3-mile run is excruciating. How did I ever run a marathon?

4. I am going to plan my route so that I can avoid as many stoplights as possible.

5. I am going to plan my route so that I can take as many stoplight breaks as possible.

6. Really wish I would have remembered to wear a sports bra.

7. I paid more in race registrations than groceries this month.

8. Good thing I went for a run, since I just ate ___________.

9. If I stretch this run out a little longer I might just miss bath time... (insert evil mommy smile).

10. Remind me again why I'm setting my alarm for 4:45 a.m. to get in a run?

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