Two Half Marathon's in One Weekend?!?! I got this!

As many of you know, I ran my first marathon last fall. It was absolutely amazing and definitely something I want to do again. In fact, I have decided that I will run another in 2016.

Although I have decided that marathon training is just too intense for me to do again this year, I am going to complete another pretty ambitious goal. This challenge will still require a lot of training but my practice runs won't have to be longer than two hours each. Running for two hours is easier to physically recover from, mentally not as demanding as four hour runs, and a manageable amount of time to be away from the family (important for all moms of young children who can't stay home alone yet).

To celebrate my anniversary of 2 years of being a runner (March 1, 2013 is when I started running) on Monday, March 1st of this past week I registered for my big running goal this year.

On the weekend of October 17-18, 2015 I will be completing the I 35 challenge, a challenge created by the Kansas City Marathon event planners and Des Moines Marathon event planners. Both of these races are held on the same weekend in October, but one is on Saturday and one is on Sunday. The challenge is that you run both races on the same weekend.

The I 35 Challenge has many options. You can run the KC full/DM half, the KC half/DM full, the KC full/DM full or the KC half/DM half. I have registered for the last option, the KC half/DM half option; one half marathon on Saturday in KC, and another the following day in Des Moines.

I am so excited for this challenge! The training will still be intense for me, lots of long runs and I have to somehow get my body so used to running halfs that I don't get sore the for the second one the next day. Because with marathon training you have to train doing four hour runs several times beforehand, I am opting not to run any of the fulls in this event. I can much more easily carve out time to train for several two hour runs than I can several four hour runs. I literally trained for six months for my marathon and that type of commitment is not something I want to do again this year.

I will start a training plan mid-summer, but I am sure I will write more about the challenge before then.

I registered on March 1st on the first day when registration opened and I am not turning back. Although I am still recovering from my stress fracture, I am not giving up on this goal.

And guess what? My brother, a pseudo-runner that cheered me on during my full marathon, has already registered to run the second half marathon with me! I have a had a few people interested in running the KC half leg too, so we will see what happens! I'd love to have all the support I can get at both races.

Two half marathons in one weekend? Yep! I got this ;)

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