Guest Post: A Wow Story

Kate Fischer, a fellow 2015 Miles in 2015 Team member, agreed to write the guest post below. Get ready to be blown away by her honesty, courage and mental make-over.

Wow…is the word that comes to mind.   


What made me reach out to Traci and say YES?  Wow….I am scared.  Wow …I am actually doing this and I am actually succeeding!    

Let me put this into perspective. I am not an Eat, Breath and Love Working Out kind of person.  It is funny; I just received the, “Time Capsule” update from Facebook and the last time I worked out prior to this challenge was two years ago, and let’s be honest it wasn't a regular occurrence.   

But my mentality is slowly changing and it is kind of freaking me out!    

I think I can answer the questions from above, with how I feel today (knowing this may change over the next 10 months). But here it goes.   

How did I get myself into the challenge? I have no idea what made me reach out to Traci on January 9th but I did and I didn't hesitate, not even for a second. Brandi and Traci said, "Kate Fischer are you in?" My response, “Yeah I am in,” made it sound like I do this every day, like it was nothing, an easy challenge.  Then about an hour later the dread set in. How in the hell am I going to do this?  Why in the hell did I even respond to this? I would have smiled in the past and just watched everyone else respond and thought to myself, “Oh good for them, they are crazy but good for them.   

There are a couple things that come to mind that made me say YES.  First, I watched one of my best friends Traci run a marathon this past year, someone who hadn't been huge into athletics in the past, kick that marathon's butt and I remember that day saying to myself if she can do it, maybe someday I can.  I still can’t quite see myself doing a marathon yet but I was so inspired by her hard work over those months.  Second, I think my wedding played a big part in this; I needed the push to start doing something.  It is such a special day and I want to look my best and feel great.    

Also, my overall health. I am not going to beat around the bush I have a stressful job and I love it, but I don’t want to be diagnosed with my family health issues like diabetes.  The stress at the job is huge and I can’t tell you how much this has helped, it allows me a release that I needed.  I have one hour in the day that is just my time and can think of all kinds of things. I also stare at the treadmill counting the miles some days as well.  My overall health is always a concern and I want to have children so it was time to start thinking about taking care of myself and exercise is the best remedy.   

That is my rational on how I got myself into this challenge. 

Wow…I am scared.   

I am scared of all kinds of things too.  Let’s start with this blog for a second. This was my hesitation; I have never been very open with my thoughts on health and exercise, body weight, etc.  So this is definitely stepping out of my box. I keep thinking, Who really wants to listen to me just talk about myself?, but I also feel like I can relate to most of those that are not exercising regularly like I was.    

I am also scared of the challenge ending in December and me just going back to my old ways and not continuing.  I am scared that one day I will just say I can’t do it and quit like I normally do when it comes to health and weight loss.  I am scared of five miles, but two weeks ago I was scared of walking 4 miles... but then I remind myself I did it and I walk 4 miles weekly now.   

Tomorrow I will likely be scared of the thought of actually running but I think I just might try itbut if not today maybe tomorrow.  I was scared of my team mates because they are awesome at this; they are those crazy people that run like 10 miles at a time and love it and I don’t want to let them down.   

Kate enjoying an Iowa winter 

outdoor walk.

I have watched Brandi and Traci work so hard towards their own health and wellness it amazes me that they get out there and do it every day so I can’t be scared. I've just got to take one day at a time.  

Wow …I am actually doing this and I am actually succeeding!   

I know that is kind of a bold statement (that I am actually succeeding) but I count the little wins and each day to me is a little win.  I count making it to the gym a success and actually continuing with this challenge when I would have quit before three days in and I would have made every excuse in the book. But we have now reached two months and I have 75 miles under my belt!    

I think one of my biggest days of this process so far was February 10 when I clocked in at 4 miles and I thought it was such a fluke... I was wondering if I could do it... so I just kept walking and walking. And I did it!  I was dead that night and the next day but I did it and have continued it over and over.  It seems like a small task for some, but let’s be realwas not working out for years, which was just three weeks prior to that milestone, so I am going to count it as a success!  

Tomorrow when I record 45 miles for the month it will be the first month that I made my goal and I am pretty excited about that number! 

So that is my... "Wow Story."  

My story it isn't glamorous.  I don’t have brand new shoes and I take a plastic grocery bag with my gym clothes in it to the gym (I had to add that in because the girls at work think it is hilarious!) but I am making it, one day at a time.  

What is your...Wow Story!? 

Kate's survival pack: standard shoes, plastic bag for gym clothes, head
phones, and if she's on the treadmill, watching Ellen!

If you aren't tearing up after reading Kate's post there is something wrong with you! This lady is AMAZING and I am so happy we are doing this challenge together. I am thankful Kate said yes to this challenge back in January. I can't wait to continue to read about her journey this year as her, Brandi and I tackle 2015 miles together. Way to go Kate!

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