February 2015 Miles Update

This month I've learned that I definitely take being able to run for granted.

February was a hard month for me. 

As you know, myself and two other women have agreed to walk/run a combined 2015 miles in 2015. That means that we need to accrue about 680 miles per person this year, give or take. When I initially signed up for this challenge, I was like, "No problem, I ran about 1000 miles last year, I can do this, no worries." I remember thinking that my role was going to be more of a leadership role, a support role. Someone who would keep my teammates, who don't accrue as many walking/running miles as I usually do, motivated to stay on track.

My how the tables have turned in just 6 short weeks.

During the third week of January I stress fractured my right tibia. In an air cast for 5 weeks and unable to really walk or run at all until this past month, my running world has been turned upside down.

Although I've been trying to do some limited walking with the aircast, some core training, and have been riding the stationary bike a lot, nothing is quite like running for me. I plan my work around running. I plan my sleep around running. I plan my meals around running. I even plan my showers around running. 

Let's just say this past month has been one of self reflection and awareness.

But do you know what has kept me going? The incredible support of my amazing 2015 Miles in 2015 Team. You know, those teammates that I was supposed to be supporting? They are now supporting me! They are helping me stay motivated to keep going.

Every time I walked a half mile, or rode an exercise bike at the gym this past month, they quickly 'Liked' my activity in MapMyRun. Oftentimes they would send me emails or texts asking how the injury was doing. We'd all chat in Messenger throughout the month, keeping each other updated on how our miles were coming. 

I have never really done a group challenge like this before and now that I am in one, I am convinced that the organized support of strong, motivated women is something I have definitely missed out on. The accountability, the kindness, and the inspiration that we all offer each other is one of the most amazing experiences that I've ever had.

Although my goal was much, much higher, the 15.03 miles I tallied in this month were the most supported miles I've ever accrued. Thanks ladies!

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