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Guest Post: My Free Year

This month Brandi Jones, fellow 2015 Miles in 2015 team member, continues to share her experience with this challenge. She is totally rocking her miles, and far exceeded her goal this month. In the article below, Brandi discusses her interesting perspective on running this year, recaps a few of her favorite races from last year, and shares how the 2015 Miles challenge is going for her.
Have I said I REALLY like this challenge?
I am surround by powerful women working towards their goals this year whether it be a 5k, 10k, half and full marathons, or just to get rid of some extra pounds. These ladies help make my miles fly by. I also like having the option of running or walking. 
A friend of mine is training for a 10k  (which a half marathon is in her future also), and I did my first interval run with her. It was 20 minutes run – 1 minute walk – 15 minutes run – 1 minute walk – 5 minutes run. We did a 5 minute warm up and cool down also. Let me tell you that minute walking flies by! I was worried about my calves cramping up when we walked and they did a little but loosened right back up. I encourage everyone to try it. It’s nice to have a change in routine and try something new/different.
Motivated Ladies!

Last year I spent 80% of the year training and following a strict schedule. I successfully completed a duathlon (which I got 3rd place!), triathlon, and a half-marathon. Yes, that was all done last year. Plus some 5k’s, 10k, an awesome mud run and an adventure race (kayak, bike, run). I had a heck of a great year! So… this year is a FREE YEAR, free of training and free of registrations. Yes, you heard me right, no registrations! Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy doing them but I have never volunteered at any races. So, this year is my volunteer year; volunteer at races and volunteer to help my friends reach their 2015 goals. Yes, it will be terribly hard NOT to register for some of my favorite mud runs or novelty races but I will be there ringing my cow bell as a spectator or volunteering. Plus think of the money that will be saved! J
Yes, all my 13.1 miles were with soaking wet feet. We had a monsoon of a storm go thru. It was a 100% mental run! Hence the crazy lady picture!
Beginning in April I will be starting another new adventure….PiYo. This seems to be the new craze going on now. I have been hesitant to start it as you needed to buy the DVD set and do it at home on your own. I prefer group activity vs. on your own, it makes me more accountable and I seem to push harder. My good friend Jen with Schmitt Fitness or some may know her as just a mom giving it a TRI is starting PiYo Live in a nearby town. It will be every Thursday in April. I have done some PiYo moves at her 5am class and I have seen some YouTube videos, so I have an idea of what it is . With adding all these extra miles pounding the roads I’m looking for something less harsh and I’m hoping PiYo will do just that. Stay tuned for a post at the end May to hear how it went!
Jen and I at her triathlon last year.
I also got some new technology the end of the month. I’ve only used it a few times so I’ll give my review on it with my May post.

Look me up this summer if you are in town…swim, bike, or run I’M IN! Just don’t expect a PR, I’m a slow and steady person! J 172.31 miles total as of 3/31/15.

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