Shoulder Surgery Week 6: What I Have Learned So Far

Pain Goes Away With Time
Well folks, life has changed. Since I last updated you my pain level is now much more manageable, even without pain medication. Honestly, like every professional told me, I just needed to have patience. I am six, almost seven weeks post surgery and I have very little pain. Definitely no resting pain anymore and now only pain when I use my arm in just a few directions. And by "pain" I really mean discomfort. Holy improvement!

I Still Know How to Run!
Just like riding a bike, running comes back to you as well. The last two weeks I have been experimenting with pace, distance and terrain. Treadmills and trails are definitely more gentle than paved roads and sidewalks (but not always the most convenient). I can not run under 9 minute miles again yet comfortably, but I am getting closer. I ran 6 1/2 miles last weekend and it felt great! Hard, but really great. So, in the end, running is starting to become routine again. I am hoping for 15 miles per week this month and then a crash training session in March to get me ready of the Garmin Half in April.

My Kids Love Me
Near daily, as a child reaches for my right hand or tries to lay on my right shoulder and instinctively says, Mama, is this your hurt arm?, making sure not to cause me pain. I can simply now just tell them I am all better. Once in awhile if I can grab said child, I tickle them with my right hand just to prove it.

I am Better
Unless something drastic happens this will be my last shoulder surgery update. I have a few weeks of PT left simply to focus on my running form to hopefully avoid Synovial inflammation from happening again. I meet with the surgeon next week for what I am certain will be the all clear to return to 100% life.

I am told that it can take up to a year to get my right shoulder to work as easily and completely pain-free as my left shoulder does, but I can definitely live with this. I am much improved from surgery and PT.

Thanks for all of your support and for following my recovery. Let's hope 2016 is an injury free year for me!

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