@Garmin Marathon Training Starts Now!

Released from PT since my December 2015 
shoulder synovectomy and debridement.

I'll admit that as far as running goes this has not been a great year for me so far. In recovering from surgery for the first six weeks of 2016 to the battle of bronchitis these last four weeks, I have not been able to run like I have wanted to for a couple of months. I have faith that March will by my turn-around month but this start to the year has been rough. And depressing. If you don't run you might not understand how important running is to my sense of peace, balance and overall happiness. Things feel really "off" lately.

Last year around this exact time I was just getting over a different 6-week break from running due to a stress fracture in my tibia. The good news is that despite that, I was able to still train enough to run the Garmin half and finish in under two hours last spring. It was my worst half marathon time to date, but I ran it all. I was really happy with that outcome at that time. 

This year will be the same. I am now 8-weeks out from the Garmin half marathon and it is time to start training. My lungs are still really tired and sore, my body endurance is not used to running like normal, and my mental toughness is awful right now. To get me ready to run a half very soon, I created a training plan and I started it this week. It is pretty modest the first week or two with the hopes that with the inhaler, antibiotics and steroids, as well as rest and the passing of time, everything will all come together to get my running back on track these next few weeks. I also don't want to jump in too quickly and risk a stress fracture again so I have to slowly increase my mileage each week.

My 8-week training plan.

The training plan above is what I am going to shoot for. Many times for half marathons I don't really train, as my normal running pattern and distances are basically enough to get me ready. This time is very different and will likely be a significant challenge. When I run 3 miles right how it feels like I ran 8, so this is going to be an interesting couple of months.

When I get through this race I plan to register for a few more summer and fall races, but it is hard to commit when I am not sure how the next few months will go. I guess we will see!

I'll be sure to keep you updated. 

Have you ever came back from a break from running? What has helped you get back on track? Comment below.

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