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Half Marathon Training: Just One Week to Go!

Running keeps our friendship strong.

I am getting very excited for my half marathon next weekend. Surprisingly, training has been going really well over the last few weeks. I have been pretty nervous about re-injuring my previous stress fracture in my tibia, but so far so good.

I will say that when I'm running now I am constantly sensitive to every single ache, twinge or the slightest discomfort. Prior to my injury I never once thought twice about minor pains or my tired body when running.

This past weekend I was able to help a friend who is training for her first marathon. Jen (in the center picture above) of just a mom giving it a tri who also started Schmitt Fitness, is training for Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota this summer. On Saturday her and I and our good friend Brandi (who is running 2015 miles in 2015 with me) set out to see how far we could go. Jen was determined to get 12 in but Brandi and I had decided that we would just try to get in as many miles as we could. Any miles we could do with Jen would make her run more manageable. Jen blogged about her run that day if you are interested.

Although I ran a little slower than my normal pace I was easily able to get all 12 miles in. This makes me very happy, as I wasn't sure if I would be ready for 13.1 miles next week. And even better news is that I wasn't even sore afterward at all, but I did have some minor G.I. issues the few hours following my run likely due to possible dehydration or failure to reload carbs or nutrition during the run.

I will be doing a 10 mile run this weekend as my last long training run and then I will get two 5 mile runs in next week so that I am ready for the Garmin half marathon next Saturday. 

I rocked the steps with my fit bit last week.

It was a great week for running and I 
was able to get almost 32 miles in.

Although it was a colder run than I am used to, with temps
 in the mid 30s, it was so beautiful the morning of our 12 mile run.

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