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4 Baby Products We Should All Be Using

I was blessed with three beautiful children in four very short years so it is safe to say that my family in complete, barring God's will of course. I would be just fine if I no longer birth any more children, and most days I do feel like 3 kids is enough.

Even though I don't plan to have babies anymore, there are baby products we still use in our home. When my kids started outgrowing the baby stuff, it was kind of nice to purge the items we no longer used or needed. But I have to admit that there are some I still keep around, and plan to keep around for awhile.

1. Whether you have one kid, five kids, or no kids, Boudreaux's Butt Paste (and only this brand of ointment) is at the top of my list. When my kids were in diapers I swore by this amazing product. It worked faster than any other diaper rash treatment I tried (and with three babies in four years, I've tried them all!). I haven't had a kid in diapers for over 10 months, but I've purchased at least two tubes of this since that time. I plan to continue to buy it until... well... forever? It is great while teaching older kids proper toiletry practices to have this incredible stuff around, for comfort when they don't follow those proper practices as well as they should. And it's not just the kids. I'll admit that I have used this miraculous mound of messiness several times after those long runs of training for half and full marathons... Chaffing anyone?

2. Baby wipes are also staples of parenting older kids. They are great for wiping up quick spills, helping kids clean up stickiness in the car or during crafts, and they literally take the stains out of about anything, just ask Oprah who featured baby wipes as a miracle product a few years back. And of course they can still be used in their intended function when young kids are working on those aforementioned toiletry skills; wipes are a great way to help them keep clean. For moms wipes are good for removing stubborn make-up too.

3. Another baby item that I love are those little cotton infant wash clothes. But it has to be the ones without the cloth trim- just small, really thin cotton washcloths. I no longer use them for cleaning snugly bathing babies; today they are used to wipe down stainless steel appliances, counter tops, mirrors and dishes.

4. My final favorite infant items are cups with lids. My kids are are 3, 5 and 6, and all are getting too old for sippy cups. But I still use a version of them whenever I can. Not the cute, chunky, squishy cups. I like to reuse the disposable plastic cups that have lids and straws. When I have the kids use these I don't have to worry about spilled Apple juice in the living room, tipped-over milk before bed, or rough-housing which inevitably ends with drinks flying. And although I haven't done it yet, I have been tempted to top my wine glass with one of these lids... No judgement please.

So although I often feel sad that my three kids are getting older, I can nostalgically cling to a few little items we can still use and keep around the house.

I'd love to hear what infant products you and your family still use. Comment below!

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