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Why Maskcara is My Favorite Makeup (I don't sell it- I just love it!)

As my giveaway wraps up tonight I wanted to make sure to review my favorite Maskcara product: the makeup of course! I get so many compliments and questions about my makeup that I really wanted to share a few take-aways with you. When I tell people I wear "Maskcara" makeup they often say, "Wait, you only have mascara on?" No! The brand is called Maskcara (spelled differently) silly!

I have always been pretty low maintenance when it comes to my makeup routine. I have never really worn that much of it and I definitely don't like to spend a ton of money on it. I also really like versatility (like when my eye shadow can double as a brow shadow, or a blush can double as lip color). These three reasons are the main reasons I love these products.

Low maintenance. I don't color my hair, rarely get pedicures these days, and don't have time to spend hours putting on makeup in the morning. As I age, though, I do find that I feel more comfortable wearing makeup to work, church or if I am going out. I still prefer to wear running clothes and be makeup free, but that isn't always the reality of life. Maskcara really is perfect for me. It takes me maybe 5 minutes to put on, and is really easy to apply. You basically choose four tins for your custom palette based off of how you were color matched by your Artist (Lisa can do this in just minutes though my Facebook Party). Instead of just layering on foundation, topped with blush, topped with bronzer... and ending up with piles of caked on makeup... you strategically and easily apply the four different colors to your face in four different areas: one highlight, one illuminator (like the one I am giving away tomorrow), a blush, and a contour. You can use setting power or bronzer if you like, but those are optional. 

The next reason I love this makeup is the cost! I spend just a tad more than I would at Target for Cover Girl, but TONS less than when I have splurged on Clinique. Best part, is that you get color matched by a skilled and experienced Artist. The tins are about $14 a piece and last 4-6 months if used daily. Maskcara always has free shipping no matter the total, so if you need just one tin in a reorder, you don't have to worry about adding in items to try to get the minimum total to get free shipping. It is always free! I also love that if you buy four tins you get a free compact to put them in. Ladies- these are MAGNETIC compacts!!! This might be my favorite part. You can mix and match how you place your powders and creams, or maybe put your season colors together (pending your tan or lack there of), or maybe you want to clean your compact by just simply taking out the magnetic tins. You know how when you buy a compact of a few eyeshadows and inevitably you don't use one or two of them, and then the other one or two run out? This never happens with Maskcara because you pick the shadows you want. You don't have to buy a four pack when really all you wanted was one or two of the colors in it. It is awesome!

My lovingly used compacts.

Looks like I need to order more to fill my compact!

The last reason I love this stuff if the versatility. You really can play around not only with the uses of the creams and powders, but also how you apply it. I like using sponges to apply and blend, but you might choose to use brushes. Although I haven't used Maskcara's brushes or sponges yet, I do have my own personal favorites that work great with the products. I like that I can bring one compact with me all day and it is has the four items I need for touch ups, although they usually aren't needed because the products go on light and natural but stay on all day long (especially when coupled with Stay Spray and setting powder).

So what are you waiting for! My Facebook Party is almost over- just a few more days to get in on these products and get an immediate and personal response from my Maskcara Artist Lisa Ringus if you have questions. Remember that when you purchase you must drag down to my "Party" link on the payment page. My giveaway on this site ends later tonight so get in there and enter- it is really easy and you have nothing to lose. If you join the FB party, purchase, or get color matched you can get extra giveaway entries! Winners will be announced tomorrow on Twitter and in my Facebook Party, and will be notified by email, as well as run live on this blog for a few days.

I swear you will love this stuff. Everyone I know who has tried it loves most of it, and is still using it. Join us now!