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MILK Moisturizer, Stay Spray, Makeup Remover Wipes... Oh My!

My busy summer life has kept me on my toes this last week, but MamaGottaGetta Maskcara review out to you!

As I shared with you last week I have loved nearly every Maskcara product that I have tried. I wouldn't want to offer a giveaway on my blog (you still have a few days to enter above!) or host a Facebook party  (feel free to join and explore!) if I didn't truly believe in these products. Honestly, if I had more time to commit to the product and the skills it takes to be a quality Artist, I would probably consider selling the stuff myself. Sadly, however, my plate is completely full, in fact, it is already overflowing with commitments. Client I shall remain.

I have been a committed customer using various products for about a year and have learned that there are a variety of Maskcara products available ranging from skincare, makeup, compacts, and application tools.

In this review I am going to focus on the products that anyone really can use, even if you don't try the makeup. These products are essential for both men and women, and some of them have completely changed my skincare routine.

So grab a glass of wine, sit back, and get ready for some honesty. Let's get started.

Hands down, this is my favorite Maskcara product. When my Artist Lisa offered to donate MILK for my blog giveaway (at the top of this page) I was more than excited. I loved that I was going to be able to share this product with a lucky winner who would get the chance to try it... FOR FREE!!! Here are my take-aways:

  • MILK Moisturizer has helped my oily/dry combination skin become perfectly soft and smooth. I used to struggle with trying to apply moinsturizer under my make-up in the morning... waiting for it to dry, leaving an oily look, not really helping the dry spots which kept coming back when I would use a tool to apply makeup, etc. Almost immediately after using MILK every night, I noticed that I never had dry skin and I never had to apply moisturizer in the morning. I swear that I now have no acne either. I have had premature wrinkles since my early 30's but since using MILK have noticed no additional lines. MILK goes on thick but soaks in quick and is wonderful as a night cream. I have not yet used the MILK Toner or Cleanser yet.
  • MILK Moisturizer is moderately priced. It sells for $50 per 1.70 ounce bottle, which is the standard size for night cream. I do have a confession to make. Once I had used it religiously and generously for 9 months (3 jars during that 9 month time) feeling frugal I then decided to try another cheaper brand moisturizer from Target. It was around $30 per 1.70 ounce, called No. 7 (it had good reviews online). HUGE mistake for me. It went on way too light and oily, yet in the morning I could literally scratch layers of the cream off of my face. So gross! And welcome back oily/dry combination skin coupled with acne. Needless to say my new order of MILK arrived a few days ago and I learned my lesson. MILK is worth every penny, and still costs hundreds less than other brands out there while still proving an amazing product. Additionally, the bottle was recently redesigned so it is even more user friendly with a built in pump- not something common for a night cream!
My brand new shiny bottle!

I have never used a setting spray before so I don't have much of a comparison, but boy have I been missing out! STAY Spray from Maskcara is the secret ingredient to making my makeup last ALL DAY folks! An added bonus is since MILK Moisturizer does not have SPF, there is a STAY Spray that does! These two products really are the perfect combination. It runs at $29 per bottle (and is a generous 5 ounces). Here are a few tricks and tips I have learned for getting the most utility and happiness out of STAY Spray with SPF.
  • I apply STAY Spray with SPF under my makeup rather than on top. I find the look more natural and less "shiny." I spray it 3 or 4 times on my face, rub it all over (don't forget your eye lids and brows) then let it dry completely. Next, as I apply my makeup, I use STAY spray on my sponge or brush for ease of application and to get even more of this magical secret potion in the mix. 
  • Even on days when I don't wear make-up (most days in the summer) I always use STAY Spray with SPF as part of my daily skincare routine. Before I run, before I go to the pool, in the middle of winter... I always use STAY spray with SPF.
Looks like it is almost time for a reorder!

MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES AKA  Ummm... I'll Pass on This One
I really do hate to give bad reviews, but I figure with all the good stuff I have to say about Maskcara I can be forgiven for this one bit of brutal honesty. These wipes are not my favorite, and not worthe $10.50 they cost. With MILK being so creamy and thick, the STAY Spray working so well, and the makeup staying on all day long, one would think Maskcara would have a mean make-up wipe that was thick enough to easily take all of these other wonderful products off. Sadly, that is not the case. These wipes are thin and even if you use both sides, just do not have enough thickness or grip to get the job done. I have used many other brands of makeup remover wipes which cost much less that I like sooo much better. But that is just me. If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that you can't make everyone happy. I guess someone has to like these things or they wouldn't still sell them, right?

So those are my reviews so far. I wanted to focus this first review on products that anyone can use, and especially on the products I think runners could find the most useful.  In a few days I plan to share my thoughts on the compacts, 3D makep, and eyeshadow. 

If you haven't already, take a few minutes to enter the giveaway and visit my Facebook party. What do you have to lose?

And as always, happy running.