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Why Runners Are Nice People

1. We pour drips of water on earthworms unknowingly trying to cross a burning sidewalk on a hot day.
2. We close open mailboxes as we run by them.
3. We greet each other as we pass, say hello to people mowing their lawns, and wave at bikers.
4. We move sticks and small branches out of the way for those coming up behind us.
5. We love making friends with and connecting with other runners.
6. Rather than argue, we just shrug and nod when non-runners say we are crazy for running half and full marathons.
7. We try our hardest to run when it doesn't disrupt the pattern of everyone else in our family, ie, early in the morning or late at night.
8. We yield to cars even when we have the right of way (okay this one might be more of a lifesaving technique than a form of kindness).
9. No matter how tired we are, we find the energy to smile at babies and puppies as we meet or pass them.
10. We encourage each other whether we are faster or slower than one another, because we truly just love the sport.

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