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Thats my jam

I have something to tell you.

No judgement please- it has taken me some time to get my courage up. It is a little embarrassing to admit and once I tell you I am certain you will not be able to look at me the same way, especially if you see me out when I'm running.

Big, deep breath. Here goes nothing...

I run to the Frozen soundtrack. And... I like it?

So the other day I was running, pushing myself really hard. Music blaring into my ear buds, I found myself singing out loud on a relatively private trail in the outskirts of town. While in my own world, throwing out ice-making-gestures and boasting Let It Go at the top of my lungs, I noticed just a few seconds too late that a fellow runner was chuckling at me as I approached.

Well that was humiliating, I thought, as he passed.

Sadly the shame didn't last long. After a few minutes I was bravely getting back into my jam, listening to a little Salt-N-Papa, when of course the same thing happened again.
At least no ice-making-gestures this time.

I normally listen to audiobooks when I run and as much as I love them, when training for a marathon three hours straight is a long time to listen to a book read by the same narrator. Occasionally, though, I do blend in my Marathon Mix playlist of varied music genres and styles, but I am (obviously) not very good at hiding how much fun some of my songs are.

From Sonny & Cher, to Green Day, to Eazy-E, Katy Perry, to the Frozen Soundtrack, I just love my inspiring, awkward, nostalgic jam.

In addition to adding a few songs to my playlist and starting a new audiobook, I am going to try using some pod casts and Audible channels this week too. It's time to change things up a little. I'd love some ideas or suggestions from all of you.

So that's my jam. My music may create a few compromising moments for me when I start throwing out gang signs or start aggressively bopping my head to Wild Wild West, but it sure is a good distraction.

You runners know that when you are trying to hit a 14 or 18 or 22 mile practice run, mental distractions can be a good thing.

So what's your jam? Has it ever gotten you into trouble? Tell us below!

(I originally posted this on the IMT DMM blog)