Training Plans: What, When and How

First off, thanks to all who entered to win free race entries and IMT DMM swag last month! Winners were notified and names are posted in the Rafflecopter gadget on my blog. If you didn’t win, no worries, a little birdie told me that we may be able to have another giveaway at the end of the summer… Keep checking this blog and following @mamagottarun and @IMTDMM on Twitter for more information over the next few months.
In the meantime, it is time to start thinking about, and pending on your current skill set and chosen distance, possibly even start straining! We are just a little over 4 months out from the big race weekend, so it’s time to get motivated.
I am not going to start a true “plan” until July, but this month I am increasing the distance of my runs, trying to keep as many as I can between 5-7 miles or more. I usually come up with my own training plan, which considers both my preparation up until I start it as well as my busy life schedule. Also, I usually try to run at least 15-20 miles per week total, running 3-4 times per week, while incorporating a long run every two weeks that increases by 2 miles every time. I try to hit the 20 or more mile mark at least twice before the big race. I will definitely post my plan in July when I put it together.
If you haven’t run a marathon or many half marathons, you might not know what works for you. The IMT DMM website has some wonderful plans that you can use for free! I have used some of them in the past and they worked well for me. I like how there are different options for the various skills and goals that you have for the distance you choose.
Whatever distance you choose, it is important to train. Even the best short distance runners likely need to work them selves up to longer distances if they hope to run the half or full marathon and not be injured or worse. I can’t express how important it is to give yourself plenty of training time. Training isn’t only for the body, it is for the mind too. If you brain is fighting your body when you hit mile 23, finishing can be very difficult.
My sweet training dry fit tee that came in the mail this week!
On a related note, the IMT DMM has some pretty cool training gear that I am excited to try out! You can browse through the different options in their online store.
I am curious to know what plans you all use. Do you have any great websites to share? Have you started training? When do you plan to start training? What distance are you training for? Do you have any training tips?
Comment below! And… as always, Happy Running!


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