Recent @IMTDMM Posts and 2017 Miles Challenge

So as many of you know I am on a team once again this year contributing to a lovely group of 4 ladies all working together to reach a combined total of 2017 miles of running or active walking in 2017. My year was off to a rough start, but this month I challenged myself to run every single day of April. This goal has helped rekindle my love for running and helped my make up some of the miles of was letting my team down on earlier this year.

As of today I am at 53.53 miles this month alone, with nine days still to go! I am so proud of myself. I need to check in with the leader of our challenge (there are actually several teams working on reaching this goal together) and see where we are at. I think individual runners need about an average of 10-12 miles per week to make the miles happen for their teams and I am interested to see where my team is at.

Also, I'm back to blogging for the IMT Des Moines Marathon this year, with plans to run the full marathon in 2017. Although the race isn't until October, I will start training this summer and am working to get my body back to a place where training for a full marathon can begin.

Here our links to my recent posts on the IMT DMM blog:

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Happy running!


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