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Hoping to get a few ideas on my parenting experiences out again soon. My kids have given me so much content so far this summer I am about to burst with ideas... But I am struggling to find the time to get those ideas out to all of you though.

Here's a sample of one from just this morning:

This morning at the pool before swim lessons a crew was working on fixing the apparently broken splash pad. When they were done the splash pad was working again, but they turned it off since the pool didn't open until noon. In doing so the pressure from the spouts slowed down and it took about 15 minutes for the spouts to completely empty.

As the pressure slowed, so did the water- creating a series of little streams of half rainbows.

My four-year old looked at me. His eyes opened wide. And he's off!

Within seconds he had run over to the splash pad and was standing in front of one of the quickly depleting (but not quickly enough) streams of water. He then skillfully grabbed his groin, arched his back and loudly (but very clearly) screamed, "I'm peeing!" Then he wiggled his booty (the kid has mad skill moves) and shook his hips. This whole routine repeated several times.

Moms and many little boys around the splash pad also screamed, with laughter (mostly,) and a wave of young boys ran over and joined my son in what looked like a urinal of laughing and wiggling toddlers.

Proud mommy moment right there.

My kids are such good influences on other kids.

Mr. Comedian.

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