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Shoulder Surgery Week 2: What I've Learned So Far

Christmas selfie with my daughter.

It has been a two long weeks since shoulder synovitis surgery. Since my week 1 post surgery update last week, my three kids are now back in my house, my husband is back to work, and we have participated several holiday parties. I definitely did way too much with my shoulder this last week but I swear I am trying to hold back! Although I have only driven a few times when I absolutely had to the last few days, I still have not walked much or ran at all, but am hoping for the all-clear the end of this coming week.

So what have I learned this week?

I still have some pain.
I am thankful that I did not have a torn rotator cuff that needed repaired, as I would still be in a sling for another week or two, and would I definitely have more pain than I do now.

I can do about everything now with just a small amount of pain, like brush my hair, reach plates from the high shelf, change the laundry, etc, and I do have some pain and discomfort throughout the day and especially in the evenings. The pain is still pretty constant when I use it but very minimal on a pain scale, I'd say a 1-2. Sometimes my shoulder hurts while resting for no apparent reason, and when I over extend it it definitely hurts, at most to a 3-4. I find that I automatically use my left arm more and usually first. I even eat with my left arm sometimes now! 

My range of movement is good. I'll be happy for physical therapy (PT) to start so that I can improve that even more.

Pain medications and therapy are important.
I take all day Aleve in the morning. Sometimes at the end of the day I take a prescription pain medication but I probably don't need to. I do ice off and on throughout the day and at night and I do some PT exercises that I learned this past summer off and on throughout the day. 

I start PT on Monday, and go back for the all clear with my surgeon at the end of next week. I am anxious, VERY anxious to get moving again. The holidays (food, food and more food!) are a terrible time to not be exercising and I do not feel like myself right now. I am a crazy person when I can't run, but I need to get better. I know this. I don't want my shoulder to hurt anymore so I am trying my hardest to stay committed to recovery.

One of my incision areas is still a bit scabbed and a little tender but the other one is completely healed over. 

I am thankful for help.
And I think that is it! I am doing a lot better. Better and better every day. I could not have done this without the help of my in laws, parents, family and friends. The old adage, "It takes a village," is an understatement. 

I'll update again next week, but I think I'm on the mend. I am anxious to be pain free and have to continually remind myself that it might take some time for the pain to go away completely.

I am just ready to be done with this surgery and move on to my next adventure. I have some big 2016 goals I need to get started on after all!

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