Team 2015 Miles in 2015 September Update

Team 2015 Miles so far!

Another month has passed and we are crushing our miles! All three of us gals are still working hard and trying even harder to accomplish our goals. September was a good month for us overall and as long as we keep logging in miles and trying our best, we will collectively reach our 2015 miles. The good thing about a challenge like this is when one team member has a lower month than expected (like I did in February, for example) there are still two other team members to pass the baton to. 

We have come a long way since we decided to take this challenge. The idea for this challenge came from a website called RunTheEdge. There were several options of how to create a team, and although we started modeling the Triple Threat option, where we all strive to reach the same split number of miles, we may end up modeling the Three Musketeers, where the miles don't have to be split evenly, and we work as a team and support each other with what we can offer. The key is we all keep getting something in each month.

I'll go first. I have really rocked my miles these last three months, giving our team a little flexibility in the end if we need it. This month I actually met my goal for the year, but that doesn't mean I'll be slowing down at all. Last year I ran just under 1000 miles so my goal this year is to get over 1000 miles in. That still means that I would have to do an average of about 100 miles or slightly more per month for the rest of the year, so we will see what happens. That is a lot of running, and with my big challenge of two halfs in one weekend almost over, I will have to see how I do once my training is over and I am back to leisurely running. 

My September Miles.

Next, our rock of stability, Brandi. As usual, even in injury, this girl gets her miles in. Here is her September recap:
Only 117.85 miles to go. Yep, I said only. J 
I remember barely being able to run a block without struggling. Now if I was asked to run 10 miles, I would without questions. Whether you can run a block or 20 miles you are moving. I agree 100% that exercise is good for the body and soul. The joy I get from exercising now is overwhelming.  I’ve been helping another runner train for her first race, and I got goose bumps when we finished our last run together. She did fabulous! It’s amazing what people can accomplish if they commit and push themselves to the best of their ability. I have been able to witness this in many people this summer and I’m feel honored to be able to help them.
 September was a tough but wonderful month.  My husband and I spent our 9th wedding anniversary in the UP of Michigan. Unfortunately GPS didn’t work anywhere so I didn’t log any miles for over a week and my knee is still letting me know it’s not 100% yet.  
Lake of the Clouds

Team member Kate had a strong finish in September and was just a few walks short of her goal. She promises to have a blog post for you at the end of October. I love that Kate is on our team because the demands of this challenge are something that she hadn't regularly committed to before. And now, TEN MONTHS later she is STILL committed and working on her miles. It's easier for Brandi and I to do this challenge, regular walking and running was part of our everyday lives before the challenge. For Kate it was not, but NOW it IS! Good for you Kate! You are making a healthy life habit, and we are so proud of you.

So that's our team, our miles and our goals. We'll be back next month with another recap.

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