Daily Irritations You Don't Have to Be a Parent to Understand

Many of my posts relate to runners. Or parents. This one relates to people. All people. Here is a timeline of a few irritating events that happened during one of my days recently.

8:00 am. Yes, that was my parking spot. My blinker was on. I had been patiently waiting (for several minutes) for another car to back out so I could get to my spot. You driving around me, backing in from the other direction, and then taking the spot I have obviously been waiting for is really wrong. And infuriating. And unethical. And I hope you get a speeding ticket on your way home tonight.

10:00 am. Okay ladies, I am fine if you want to hover over the toilet seat rather than sit on it while you do your business. I don't blame you. But paaaa-lease take a second to wipe off your own gross ring of yellow splashes. You are now the new reason we all have to hover in the first place! I clean up enough pee at home- I do not need to do it at work too.

1:00 pm. I realize you marked your email as urgent. I guess my rationale for urgent and yours are different. Please give me more than a few hours to respond. Email is not synchronous. I will get back to you and you do not need to sent me three more "urgent" messages before that time. Ask for a "read receipt" next time which is still annoying, albeit slightly less, so you know when I got your message.

4:00 pm. We are all frustrated that the grocery store is really busy today. I guess we all should have known that 4:00 pm on a Friday wasn't the best time to shop. That being said, you rolling your eyes, loudly blowing air from your lungs, and near-ramming my heals with your cart will not get either of us moving through the congested cereal aisle any faster. However, I am sorry my kid just stuck his tongue out at you; it's not you. He does that to me too.

5:00 pm. I realize that you are not paid to be a happy cashier, you are simply paid to be a cashier. I don't want to have a long, drawn out heart-to-heart conversation with you either. But if you smiled, or at the very least attempted to make eye-contact with me, it sure would make this process more comfortable. And enjoyable. Thanks for your consideration.

stealing parking spot
                                                      photo credit: http://kadampalife.org/ 

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